The 2 Bar Reversal Explained

By: Johnathon Fox

The 2 Bar Reversal is a Price Action formation that can be found on any time frame on most markets. This Price Action signals is as it names states is a reversal signal. Being a reversal signal it’s key that traders look it to form at pullbacks to enter and not as a continuation play.

A 2 Bar Reversal is basically just a Pin Bar reversal but formed over 2 sessions worth of data. The psychology behind both the 2 Bar and the Pin Bar are both the same. With both signals we are looking for price to go in one direction before faking traders out and snapping back quickly in the opposite direction.

2 Bar Reversal Structure

The 2 Bar Reversal is made up of 2 candles or bars. For a bearish 2 Bar reversal the first bar must go up and close near the sessions highs. The second bar must then open and snap back lower showing rejection of those previous highs and faking traders out. The candles below show what this description will look like on a chart.

Bearish 2 Bar Reversal

Bearish 2 Bar Reversal

2 Bar Reversal Found on Chart
Examples of 2 Bar Reversal Found On Chart

The best 2 Bar Reversals are normally found when the market is in a strong trend and a pullback occurs to a logical area of support or resistance. It is at these logical areas of supply and demand that traders can look for the 2 Bar reversal as entry signals with the trend.

2 Bar Reversal with Trend

Example 2 Bar Reversal With Trend

2 Bar Reversals can be traded in all sorts of markets. Because 2 Bar Reversals are reversal signals you will often find they are the signal that changes the direction of the trend.

2 Bar Reversal Changes Trend (example)

2 Bar Reversal Changes Strong Trend

All traders will be able to spot and identify this very easily identifiable Price Action signal on their charts. Just because a trader spots a 2 bar Reversal however does not mean they should trade it. Not all 2 Bar Reversals are created equal and some have much higher percentage chances of working out than others.

Johnathon Fox is a professional Forex and Futures trader who also tutors and mentors aspiring traders worldwide. Johnathon teaches a very useful method of Price Action trading and has a knack for helping traders become consistently profitable.