Forex Strategy Without Indicators

By: Adrian Friggieri

Recently I was given an article from a friend of mine about trading profitably without the use of any indicators, Forex strategy, or tools. Immediately I thought hey this is a big crappy thing and I was going to waste my time with this massive report and I was not going to read it. Only until my curiosity kept asking myself what if this is possible? So I decided to give this a peep and try to understand if it can make sense.

Forex Indicators

I must say, I started reading already thinking that this is something not possible and that not using indicators is like trying to drive a car without a steering wheel. Never mind, I started reading and found out that one can possibly trade using support and resistance points as the only Forex strategy to identify trading entries and exits. I am still a little puzzled here.

Now, I still am reading this report because it is a thick one to read, but it got me into the topic as yet and I shall share with you the results of this amazing thing once done with it. Before I publish any information however I shall try this Forex strategy a little on a demo account to see if this is possible and feasible in order to avoid hassles to you people out there reading and following my posts.

So keep a very open eye to my posts for further developments on this hot topic!

Support and Resistance

Until now the findings were interesting however as a principle as they are facts just the same. Let me explain this a little to you in order to get on with me on this. If you open up any chart you can immediately spot points of support and resistance and of course with the correct patience one can try follow these points and use them as entry and exit signals in a Forex strategy. Till here it is ok and the principle is just fine. Now how can this however be a possible long term successful Forex strategy trading method? Is it possible? Have you ever used S&R as your entry or exit points?

If you did get in touch and lets discuss this strategy.

 Justin Paolini

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