The Dangers of Forex Demo Accounts

By: Terry Allen

Expert consensus strongly recommends that you should paper-trade Forex before taking any financial risks by going live. Forex brokers will provide you with extensive free demo facilities to enable to perform this activity.

In doing so, you will gain the opportunity to evaluate the trading platforms of your selected brokers for free as well as the ability to validate the performance of your own Forex trading strategy. Forex brokers profit from this deal as well because they have the chance to promote all their products with the overall objective of encouraging new clients to open full live accounts with them.

However, you must understand that there are significant differences between operating a demo account to trading a live one. For instance, you will not be subjected to the same psychological and emotional pressures whilst trading the former because you will not be under any financial stress. In contrast, live trading can produce substantial additional problems that can readily cloud your rational judgment.

You will simply not have to contend with so many difficult and debilitating emotions when demo trading. For example, you will be able to contend much easier with the mounting fear that can arise should price dramatically move against your trading positions. In addition, you will hardly be concerned about losing your entire demo balance because you can easily replace it with another.

You could also develop seriously bad mindsets should, for example, you attempt to hold your trading positions open definitely. Such a practice would be extremely dangerous to transfer to your live environment as it could easily eliminate your entire financial budget.

You are always well-advised to rein in your emotions whilst live trading, but this is a difficult art to learn when in demo mode. You will constantly have to protect and safeguard your limited monetary fund whilst live which can have severe effects on the quality of your decision making. For example, you will become increasing stressed should you be forced to witness your financial budget shrink before your very eyes.

To counter these problems, you must make your demo environment stimulate live trading conditions as closely as possible. For instance, you will have a generous dummy balance in the region of $50,000 when you open a demo account. Such a figure can be very misleading though and you should alter it to match the amount that you intend to use when you go live. is a company that offers a binary options platform and personal account management that was created with the specific goal of being the most customer-centric and technically advanced brokerage for both beginners and experienced traders.
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