DailyForex Blog Reviews: Trading For A Living

By: Hillel Fuld

As part of our new initiative to review Forex blogs, this week we will be reviewing the official blog of FxStreet, Trading For A Living.

Trading for a Living is run and maintained by David Aranzabal, full time trader & CEO at FxForaliving. The site is well kept, updated, interesting, and offers a variety of Forex topics. Here is the interview I conducted with David:

Please tell us a little bit about yourself including your name, your profession, and your location

-Thanks for having me. My name is David Aranzabal, I graduated in 1992 from Deusto University, Spain with a degree in Software Engineering. In 2001 I graduated in IESE Business School with master's degree in Business Management (MBA). After that I have been an entrepreneur and founded two software companies developing solutions for public institutions. In 2004 I moved to full time currency trader and I have been an FXstreet Premium Member since its inception. Actually I'm running FX FOR A LIVING.com, a company for helping traders to archive consistency in his trading.

How long have you been involved in the Forex market?

- For about 7 years, and the last 5 years being a full time trader.

How long have you been blogging?

-I started blogging collaborating with FXstreet.com since March, 2009. Since then I cover daily my intraday view from the forex market. Who is your primary audience? -Novice and advance Forex traders, because I explain in a very detailed way the technical setups that happens in a daily basis. I've got followers that are trading for the first time and traders that have been around for some years but they like my point of view.

Why should someone read your blog?

-Because it's free and you can learn how to profit in a daily basis from the markets. There is no way to foresee the markets, but if you follow the same patterns everyday you have an edge.

In your opinion, what are the main advantages of the Forex market?

-It's the most liquid market in the world, so technical analysis works fine in the small and in the big timeframes.

Conclusion: Trading For A Living is a top Forex blog focusing primarily on the technical aspects of the market. I would not necessarily recommend it to beginner traders, but anyone beyond that level, would greatly benefit from Trading For A Living.

Advantages: Updated frequently, simple layout, variety of Forex topics, easy to work with

Disadvantages:Non-Mother-Tongue English, content not suitable for beginners, the blog’s ads are a little too obtrusive.

Final words: Between the HD video reviews, market comments, trading psychology tips, and the technical education offered on this blog, David really did a great job separating himself from the pack. I also really liked that he has a separate category for the blog’s traffic stats, transparency is always a good thing.