Financial Humor

There’s no doubt that Forex trading is extremely exciting – but when the market isn’t in your favor it can also be extremely stressful. While you’re waiting for a rebound or a take profit, check out some financial humor that can help you smile even in the most stressful of times.

John McAfee’s Prediction for Bitcoin

John McAfee just made an insanely bold prediction for Bitcoin – he thinks the price will reach $1 million before the start of 2021.

Forex Humor for Valentines Day

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Valentine's Day was on a weekend? Then you wouldn't have to choose between your love of Forex and your love of your partner.

Obsessed with Trading?

It’s a tough balance to be dedicated to trading without getting obsessed with it or over trading. Try to think quality instead of quantity and be patient!

Is Bitcoin Coming Back?

Bitcoin true believers have been preaching “buy and hold” as the surest way to build your own evil empire with at least one million dollars. Read more here.

Heavy Tariffs on Imported Steel & Aluminum

Trump signed on new tariffs on imported steel & aluminum. This takes him back to the “America first”, Bannon political roots of his presidency.

Santa’s Wish for 2018

What do you think Kris Kringle, St. Nicholas, Father Christmas would want if he could put himself on the “nice” list? This year, aside from a nap and a generous cup of hot cocoa, we’re guessing that Santa is joining the millions of people wishing for bitcoin.

Trump to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

Trump seems keen on keeping his word, and in calls with Middle Eastern leaders, Trump has announced his intention to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Trump Insulted by Kim Jong-Un

President Trump sarcastically responded on Twitter this morning to being insulted by Kim Jong-un, which called him a “dotard…. begging for nuclear war”

Bitcoin Under Pressure

Does JP Morgan’s CEO, which required a heavy taxpayer bailout, & has been accused of helping cause the great 2008 meltdown, has any right to condemn a self-standing Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

USA and North Korea's War of Words

North Korea tests stronger nuclear devices, aimed at the U.S. & their allies. it’s a clash between Kim Jong Un of N. Korea, & Donald J. Trump.

Donald Trump Fires James Comey

President Donald Trump Fired James Comey, the Director of FBI, becoming the 2ND ever President to fire the effective permanent head of Federal law enforcement in the history of the US.

Unpopularity Contest – France & UK Election Candidates 2017

With elections in France & U.K., there’s some political motion going on in both the heart of the European Union and a departing branch!

Political Tension Between Turkey & Holland

Political tensions are high mainly in the Netherlands & Turkey, after Dutch prime minister prevented from the Turkish foreign minister from landing in the Netherlands.

Is Cocoa Trading Really More Popular on Valentine’s Day, February 14th?

Valentine's Day is one for giving gifts and expressing your love, and there's no better way to do that than with chocolate. The holiday may not really impact the price of cocoa, but wouldn't it be great if it did?

Mexico Border Wall – Breaking Bad Limited Edition

Trump has started implementing his commitment of building a stronger border between the U.S.A. & Mexico. Such a wall, will have a major impact on these economies.

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