Santa’s Wish for 2018



Bitcoin for 2018

Did you ever stop to think about what Santa would want for Christmas?  He’s so busy gathering gifts for others, from clothing and jewelry to good health and new homes, there’s no request he hasn’t seen.  In fact, since he’s been around since at least 1773, according to some sources, Santa’s probably gifted everything you can imagine.  But what do you think Kris Kringle, St. Nicholas, Father Christmas would want if he could put himself on the “nice” list?

This year, aside from a nap and a generous cup of hot cocoa, we’re guessing that Santa is joining the millions of people wishing for bitcoin.  Or, more correctly, he’s probably hoping for some bitcoin, and a big bitcoin price rally to go with it.  If he were truly organized, Santa might have even purchased his own bitcoin at the beginning of 2017 ahead of the holiday rush.  If so, he may already be sitting on his pot of gold.  Could this spell retirement for our favorite holiday hero?

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