USA and North Korea's War of Words


USD and Japan's War of Words

It has been 72 years since the one and only occasion when nuclear weapons were fired in anger. The two bombs dropped on Japan by the United States in 1945, killing 129,000 people and pushing Japan into surrender, were named “Fat Man” and “Little Boy”. Each bomb was a prototype. Today, not far from Japan, North Korea tests stronger and stronger nuclear devices, which will be aimed at the U.S. and their allies. In terms of leadership, it’s a clash between Kim Jong Un, supreme dictator of North Korea, and Donald J. Trump, President of the United States. Not so much “Fat Man” and “Little Boy”, more a case of “Fat Boy” and “Little Hands”.
Most analysts agree that the objective of the North Korean regime is to become a nuclear power which can deliver a nuclear weapon as far away as Japan and the United States, and hence render themselves immune to any military action aimed at overthrowing their awful regime, which keeps its people in a state of slavery. It may be that the United States, South Korea and Japan will be forced to accept this situation, if they feel that North Korea will not use any nuclear threat to launch an aggressive war of reunification or cause nuclear proliferation. In any case, tension is likely to ebb and flow for some time as a result of Korean developments, moving the market in stocks, Gold, the Japanese Yen, and other safe haven assets.

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