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Sara Patterson is a career writer and a former student of international relations. After earning a Master’s Degree in political science Sara spent several years working for various internet companies and teaching English writing at the college level to students in their freshman year. She now focuses her energies on reading several newspapers each day and considering how the news may affect both the currency markets and the political economy in general. She specializes in writing fundamental analysis and interpreting how news from across the globe will propel the markets in both the short and long terms.

In her spare time, Sara enjoys carving fruit, rock climbing and Zumba. She also cares for 3 dogs and an iguana.


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    According to a report released by the Federal Reserve, the United States economy continues to grow while having tight labor markets.

    Spot gold fell to new 2019 lows on Thursday after data hinted that the global economy might be in a better condition than previously expected.

    The OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) employment rate increased in the last quarter of 2018, hitting record levels since the organization began to collect employment data from its members.

    Analysts expected China’s economic growth to decline in Q1 2019 but reports out on Wednesday defied expectations and showed a steady 6.4 percent growth from Q1 2018.

    The Japanese economy minister said that the trade talks with the United States were “Frank and Good”.

    Oil prices struggled for a second consecutive day after Russian officials announced that they may increase production in an effort to compete for more market share.

    According to two anonymous sources, the United States is reducing its demands that China curb its industrial subsidies as its policymakers attempt to come to a suitable trade deal with China.

    The Japanese yen continued to struggle on Monday as a solid start to the U.S. earnings season sent traders away from the safe-haven currency into the arms of riskier assets.

    The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development recently presented a report during a UN meeting where they claim that the size of the middle class is declining in the most economically developed countries while the richest and powerful are enjoying improving earnings, boosting social and economic inequality.

    European Union leaders have agreed to extend the deadline for the UK’s Brexit until October 31, 2019, with a checkup of progress due in June.