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Sara Patterson is a career writer and a former student of international relations. After earning a Master’s Degree in political science Sara spent several years working for various internet companies and teaching English writing at the college level to students in their freshman year. She now focuses her energies on reading several newspapers each day and considering how the news may affect both the currency markets and the political economy in general. She specializes in writing fundamental analysis and interpreting how news from across the globe will propel the markets in both the short and long terms.

In her spare time, Sara enjoys carving fruit, rock climbing and Zumba. She also cares for 3 dogs and an iguana.


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    The markets have been abuzz with recession talks and concerns since the 10-year and 2-year Treasury note yields briefly inverted on Wednesday.

    Following months of both political and economic upheaval, Hong Kong’s government announced on Thursday it’s plan to implement an economic support package.

    The British Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn called the leaders of the opposition to back him as a future Prime Minister to stop a no-deal Brexit.

    Analysts may be predicting that a recession is coming in the coming months, but traders took began to support that theory immediately, selling off stocks on a grand scale on Wednesday

    The former British Chancellor Phillip Hammond warned against a no-deal Brexit, ridiculing the idea that the UK would be better off in such a situation.

    After hitting a six-year high on Tuesday morning, gold prices retreated on news that the U.S. Trade Representative may delay tariffs on some Chinese imports.

    The United States National Security Adviser John Bolton said that the US would propose a series of accelerated trade deals with the United Kingdom, adding that the US government supports a no-deal Brexit.

    The global economy has been having a busy summer, between the excitement surrounding the Federal Reserve’s interest rate cut, the on-again-off-again trade negotiations between the United States and China

    The British Labour party is considering holding a no-confidence vote against the Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

    The People’s Bank of China set the official midpoint reference or the country’s currency at 7.0211 per dollar on Monday, the third straight session that the Chinese currency has fallen below the 7 per dollar level.