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Robert Petrucci has worked in the Forex, commodity, and financial profession since 1993. Important aspects of his work involve risk analysis and advisory services. As an advisor in a Family Office he maintains a conservative approach for wealth management and investments. Robert also works in private finance with investors and companies delivering financial and management services.


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The USD/BRL has moved higher the past few days after challenging short-term lows on the 8th of April and is near important resistance.

The past five days of trading within the USD/ZAR have produced choppy results as key support levels remain firm.

The USD/INR continues to devastate resistance levels which technically stand in the way and is now challenging values seen in mid-July 2020.

The USD/SGD remains within the higher value range of its three-month technical chart, but it is certainly touching important support.

ETH/USD has produced record highs and its ability to soar higher while roaring within the media continues to make Ethereum a speculative asset worth considering.

USDT/USD has been leaning in value towards values below the 1.0000 the past week and this may entice short term speculators who have the ability to trade Tether.

ADA/US is hovering within the higher realms of its mid-term values and fast trading conditions are likely to continue short term

The USD/MXN has seen resistance levels incrementally lower the past couple of weeks as the forex pair proceeds to demonstrate a fight over equilibrium.

Speculators need to continue buying the USD/ARS and take advantage of the slow-moving rocket ride higher being achieved.

The USD/BRL remains a rather consolidated Forex pair for speculators who have the ability to be patient regarding its value changes.