Mohammed Shalaby

Mohammed Shalaby
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About Mohammed Shalaby

Mohammed Shalaby is an experienced Forex trader and has been involved in the Forex, stocks and options markets since 2008.

A professional in trading strategies management, Mohammed has provided consulting services to thousands of traders across the Middle East. In addition to serving as a Forex market analyst for 5 leading industry sites, Mohammed also established Forex Money, a free Forex practice trading network, as well as the FXMME financial fund in association with Alpari (UK).

Besides being a specialist in Elliott Wave Theory, risk management, fundamental analyses and harmonic price patterns, Mohammed's other specializations include:

  • Electronic Marketing
  • Management
  • Unique trading styles
  • Financial trading and reporting
  • Forex training
  • Trading strategies development
  • Public relations 
  • Financial event corporate representation

Latest 10 Articles

The GBP/USD pair fell from the price level of 1.3618 to the level of 1.3425 that it reached yesterday.

The GBP/USD pair rose after covering the price gap that occurred at the beginning of last week, but is expected to rebound.

The GBP/USD pair finally succeeded yesterday in covering the price gap that occurred with last week's opening.

The GBP/USD surpassed its highest levels since April of 2018.

The GBP/USD has so far failed to cover the price gap that occurred this week.

The pound is still trying to re-test the price channel and close below it, forming a broken pattern trend.

The GBP/USD dropped yesterday far more than expected, which led to the activation of the stop losses of buy signals.

The GBP/USD rose last Friday to the resistance level at 1.3541, then rebounded directly to the bottom, achieving the full target that we referred to in the selling process.

The GBP/USD fell from the 1.344 resistance point again, and is still in a state of accidental fluctuation that the pair has been trading in for several weeks.

Yesterday, the GBP/USD broke the strong 1.3400 resistance point after reaching it several times.

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