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Michael Kuchar
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Michael is a cryptocurrency and Forex trader who also takes a big interest in the blockchain technology and decentralized applications. He works as a professional writer for various portals including dailyforex.com, equities.com, coinspeaker.com and tradingbeasts.com. His expertise lies in fundamental analysis which he uses to make relatively safe medium and long-term predictions. Michael is a strong believer of manual trading and is not keen on using any trading robots, systems or other alternatives which people often use in order to save their time. He says that there are no shortcuts in life - there are also no shortcuts to trading.

Michael has been trading for 5 years now. The first time he got into the markets was thanks to a Google Ad which promoted binary options. At that time, he was fascinated by how easy binary options trading seemed, only to later realise that the only thing which is easy in binary options is its principle, nothing else. Once Michael realized the dangers of binary options trading, he pivoted to Forex trading and later cryptocurrency trading. Michael shares the ideology of Yvan Byeajee according to whom “Trading doesn't just reveal your character, it also builds it if you stay in the game long enough.”





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