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Marshall Gittler
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Marshall Gittler is a leading fundamental analyst of global economies and markets with over 30 years of experience in the financial industry. His career spans high-profile positions in elite investment banks, including UBS, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, and Bank of China. As a distinguished investment strategist, economist and financial contributor trusted by established economic institutions, he has been featured on global news agencies such as Reuters, Marketwatch amongst others, while he also appeared on CNN, BBC and Bloomberg News.

Marshall Gittler has established himself as a global thought leader for clients at BDSwiss Group, a leading financial institution that offers FX & CFDs online trading services on world-leading platforms. 

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With the failure of the OPEC countries to come to an agreement over the weekend, oil is set for a long and deep decline, in my view. The supply/demand factors that are supporting it are not enough, in my view, to keep it at current levels for any length of time.

Oil prices were collapsing earlier this year, but they’ve since rebounded nearly 60% from their February lows. Is the price going to keep rising?

The Bank of Japan’s introduction of negative interest rates is one of the most significant events to hit the FX market recently.

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