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Let’s review where Apple was before the last quarterly earnings report and analyze the results of the latest earnings release, so that we can get a better feel for where the company is currently heading and how it might perform in the future.

Let’s analyze what we expected from Facebook prior to their 2nd quarter earnings report and what eventually transpired. This way, we can get a better read on how the company might perform moving forward, throughout the third quarter, and up to the release of their third-quarter earnings statements.

Ben Bernanke’s comments coupled with the lack of changes to the ECB’s benchmark interest rate last week have seen the Euro climb back from multi-month lows to above the 1.30 handle. Get the full analysis here.

With today’s reopening of the Cyprus Stock Exchange, the problems of the Island Nation have largely been forgotten by markets as the focus shifts back to Italy and Spain which are prevailing source of weakness in the Eurozone. Get the full analysis here.

The situation in Cyprus has risk-assets spiraling as we await the outcome of the vote this afternoon. The move to shutter banks until Thursday isn’t stoking any further confidence in the Euro at the moment as the unprecedented move to tax depositors may set a very negative tone for European banks.

The rebound in U.S. housing and consumer spending has translated broadly to the dollar strengthening as the possibility of an earlier end to Federal Reserve stimulus measures has traders betting on higher interest rates.

With limited news out from the Eurozone, EURUSD trades have ground to a near halt as traders pare bets ahead of Central Bank decisions. The major risk factors facing the EU remain unresolved as Italian politics throw the region into further turmoil.

Buy the rumor; sell the news. This age-old mantra has been a mainstay of traders using momentum strategies and more recently adapted as a “headline-screening” algorithm truism. Yesterday’s price action in EURUSD was no different. Get the analysis here.