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The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meets eight times a year to discuss and set US monetary policy. Learn about the process here!

Leading global Forex broker FXTM has proudly announced its biggest deposit promotion yet – The Big $5000.

Leading Forex broker FXTM has recruited Tan Chung Han (Han Tan) as its newest Market Analyst.

In February 2019, US President Donald Trump signed the official order for the American AI Initiative.

FXTM is excited to announce the launch of FXTM Trader, a new mobile app that will enable the company’s traders to trade comfortably wherever they are.

Getting a handle on the forex market is a big ask for any kind of trader, but more so, perhaps, for those who trade part-time.

On October 15 the Italian government will submit its highly-anticipated national budget to the European Union.

UN Patron of the Oceans and world-famous endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh strode into the waves off Sennen Cove and took his very first strokes of a 50-day, body-breaking challenge that aims to raise awareness of the crisis facing our oceans.

What will the world look like in 2050? No doubt technological advances will have fundamentally changed many aspects of our lives.

Since the financial market meltdown in 2008, a raft of global regulatory activity has emerged that aims to make the markets more stable, and force financial services firms to operate more transparently.