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Fadi Steitie
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Fadi Steitie is an entrepreneur, investor and professional Forex trader who shares Forex signals with DailyForex.com based on his keen understanding of the market. His favorite pair is EUR/ USD because almost 40% of traders trade this pair and it does match most of his pattern recognition strategies. He is an expert in Elliot Wave principles as well as Ichimoku Kinko Hyu which he is currently researching. So far he has not seen many English translated books about this method of technical analysis, however he is continuing to read about it and believe this method has as much to give to traders like the Elliot Waves method does. Fadi is looking for the magic behind this principle even though many do not research this trading system.

Fadi uses the MT4 trading platform and trades around two hours a day. He does not trade on Mondays because he doesn't feel the market reacts in normal fashion to the news. Fadi does not have a preferred trading session and he counts on patterns recognition, Elliott Wave Counts and Fibonacci measurement.

In addition to providing signals, Fadi is a managing partner in one of the leading organizations in protective coating in the Gulf region.

Fadi lives in Saudi Arabia with his family and when he is not trading you can find him interested in technology and new venture creations. He loves to travel mostly to Islands, loves light weight aircraft aviation, diving, sailing, and para sailing.

You can also find Fadi as an expert on eToro, a social platform that allows traders to copy experts quickly and easily.



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