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Easy-forex is a pioneer online currency trading group regulated by the NFA, ASIC and CySEC that their web-based trading platform aims to make Forex trading easy and possible for traders at all levels.  They offer personalized Forex trading training programs, dealing room specialists and competitive trading conditions.


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Last week saw the financial world deeper in uncharted waters with the Greek people rejecting a bailout deal (and further austerity) which wasn’t on the table and their government asking for a third bailout and agreeing to stricter reforms in the hope of securing it.

The Euro weakened at the start of the new week against the US Dollar on heightened risk aversion in the market. The British Pound rose versus the US Dollar at the beginning of the week as well. Get the full updates on the major pairs here.

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Catch up on where the major Forex pairs have been headed with this mid week Forex summary.

Catch up on how the major pairs have been doing this week and where they are headed with this Mid Week Forex Summary.

How have the major pairs been doing? Find out in this mid week summary of some of your favorite Forex currencies.

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