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Dr. Mike Campbell
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Dr. Mike Campbell is a British scientist and freelance writer. Mike got his doctorate in Ghent, Belgium and has worked in Belgium, France, Monaco and Austria since leaving the UK. As a writer, he specialises in business, science, medicine and environmental subjects.


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Boris Johnson’s conversion to the Leave cause had little to do with personal conviction and everything to do with personal ambition: he wants to be prime minister one day.

The official mantra, heading into probably the most critical week of the Brexit process, remains “no deal is better than a bad deal”, but who in the UK still believes it (if anybody ever did) remains to be seen.

Last week was another negative affair for the world’s major markets.

The International Monetary Fund has injected a note of caution about a range of concerns which it believes could pose a threat to the growth of the global economy.

Opponents of Brexit point, very reasonably, to the fact that nobody who voted for Brexit voted to be poorer.

The Global Financial Crisis was fuelled by dodgy lending and the packaging of multiple dodgy loans (sub-prime loans) as “consolidated debt vehicles” (CDV) which, magically, became AAA rated securities in doing so.

The official level of unemployment for September in the USA has fallen to 3.7%, a level not seen for 49 years, since the time of the Hippies in 1969.

Last week was a negative affair for the world’s major markets. In this summary, we will also review the figures for Q3.

The US Dollar is the de facto international trading currency, so anything which affects its value will have repercussions around the world.

With many central banks still operating accommodative monetary policies with ultra-low interest rates or quantitative easing activities, it could be argued that the global economy is still in a recovery phase from the last Global Financial Crisis.