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Doug Rosen is a Florida-based Forex trader who became a skilled technical trader through 3 years of intense practice and self-teaching. He now coaches a live trading room and analyzes the market on


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On Sunday, the French nation went to the polls to select a new president. Since none of the 11 candidates secured more than half of the vote, nine have been eliminated and a decisive vote will be held on Sunday 7th May.

Yesterday the GBP/USD broke below a very strong area of support at 1.5424 It then fell down to another level of support just above 1.5432 then profit taking kicked in and price bounced up and what was support may have reversed roles and may now be resistance and could begin to drop from where it is.

This week has been a very interesting week for the EUR/USD. Price has broken a strong area of visual support and has made its retracement to the upside, has nearly made contact with the daily 5 ema and is now ready to drop.

Yesterday was quite a drop for the GBP/USD, about 251 pips to be exact. As I said in other analysis today, this move totally caught me off guard and took me by surprise since the move seem to come out of nowhere.

The EUR/JPY broke support yesterday without a doubt. A fib to the upside, possibly up to where price broke support is all it will take to get more bears into the move down.

Yesterday was a very unexpected day for the EUR/USD. I was not even ready for it. It took me way off guard. This pair is barely moving 6 pips in a 4 hour period and less than 50 pips a day on the average this past week then all of a sudden it tanks 168 pips.

Yesterdays high impact move in the direction of USD strength pushed the Swissy above the 50.0 fib threshold on the weekly timeframe. I would love to see another up day and would love to see a weekly candle close above that 50.0 fib above .9400

Yesterday was a very action packed day for the market considering the lack of volatility the market has been displaying during this holiday week. I am not necessarily referring to the EUR/GBP since for this pair it was just a slightly below average day.

The GBP/USD was certainly the King of the Hill yesterday. When many of the major pairs only moved a fraction of their daily ranges the GBP/USD still made a 104 pip range, just a few pips below its average day.

The EUR/JPY didn't make much headway yesterday. The total range for yesterday was only 25 pips. On the weekly timeframe price is still below the weekly 5 ema and still has not made contact with it this week and I doubt it will this week since thee is no true driving force in the market this week.

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