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The US Dollar gains stopped, hence, the gold got a chance to achieve more gains

The United Arab Emirates is one of the top oil producers in the world. Although production of crude oil is the country’s most important economic activity, the UAE is working towards a more diversified economy by expansion into the non-fuel sector.

MiFiD II took effect Wednesday, January 3rd. The legislation is the biggest regulatory adjustment in 10 years, and it has been in process for 7 years.

Despite the positive US economic data and the strong support from the interest rate hike expectations in the current year

The GBP/USD has been moving in a cautious bullish move over the last 3 sessions in a row, settling between 1.3612

Rising risk-on sentiment helped the EUR/USD to resume strong gains, as the pair moved towards the highest levels in 28 months, reaching towards the resistance at the 136.36 level, the highest level since October 2015.

The USD/JPY is considered the best performing among the dollar’s pairs, despite the drop of the dollar against other majors.

Gold prices resumed the move towards resistance at $1321 level an ounce, the highest in 3 months, after the gold’s gains stopped around that level on Wednesday

There is no doubt that the minutes of the last Federal Reserve meeting helped the USD to achieve gains against other majors

The GBP/JPY didn’t enjoy the gains it made reaching towards resistance level at 152.82, the highest level for this pair in 3 months, and went quickly down towards 151.93