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Ethereum has become one of the most popular assets in the market's recent bull run.

Now that we've concluded that Dogecoin is strongly bullish, what happens next?

Volatility in Bitcoin remains extreme, which is what makes this asset class so striking.

Wall Street shakes again and recorded sharp declines in the lock: NASDAQ fell 3.5% last night (Thursday), S&P 500 lost 2.5% and Dow Jones fell 1.8%.

The Australian dollar fluctuated against the US dollar, although the pair continued its general bullish trend.

USD/GBP is in an ascending triangle.

The pair breaks strong resistance levels.

Don't let the calm surrounding the GBP/USD make you reckless: it may just be the calm before the storm.

Trading fees have a significant impact on the outcome of any trading strategy. Many new traders ignore the details, accept what the broker offers, as long as the broker is popular, especially on social media. eToro is a prime example of this, and has an outstanding marketing team, ensuring a steady flow of new traders, attracted by the idea of copying others. It sounds like an excellent idea on paper, especially for those seeking to manage a portfolio with a few clicks and short on time to evaluate the offered services properly. Besides the failure rate of above 75%, the cost structure at eToro remains elevated as compared to most competitors. The higher trading fees, most dominantly visible in spreads, the difference between the bid and ask price, allow eToro to market their services with no additional costs.