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Christopher Lewis
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About Christopher Lewis

Christopher Lewis is a Columbus, OH-based Forex trader who enjoys trading a wide range of pairs from the traditional EUR/USD to more exotic USD/RUB, and many things in between. Unlike many Forex traders who prefer to trade in a specific market session, Christopher takes advantage of the flexibility provided by the currency markets, and he trades in all sessions, most often when he’s taking a study break from pursuing degrees in both finance and computer science.

Mr. Lewis most often trades on the daily or weekly chart, rather than on a shorter time frame, making his market outlooks suitable for traders in all time zones. In addition to multiple daily analyses, he has been providing traders with regular video analyses for several years. He also contributes weekly Forex forecasts, monthly outlooks and even yearly forecasts, all of which are all highly valued by his loyal following. Christopher has tested dozens of Forex trading platforms during his years as a trader, though he now uses GFT’s 360 DealBook when placing personal trades.

In late 2014 Mr. Lewis began contributing signals to, where he collaborates with DailyForex’s chief trader, Adam Lemon, to provide additional signals to serious traders directly to their mobile phones. Mr. Lewis’s signals, although not overly aggressive, are largely based upon his own personal trades and trading strategies that he has cultivated over many years, making them suitable for traders at all levels and for traders using a range of trading platforms.

When he’s not studying, trading or chasing after his two young children, Christopher manages to find time to operate his own Forex website, aptly called The Trader Guy.

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