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Barbara Zigah was awarded a B.Sc. degree in Finance from the University of Maryland many many years ago (she won’t admit how many), and has worked in numerous positions both on Wall Street and on the proverbial Main Street. But it was only four years ago that she began her financial writing career, and it began right here at Daily Forex, when the CEO recognized fresh, untapped potential and was willing to give her a try. She’s never looked back. Since then, she’s worked steadily as a freelance writer and editor in the financial services and forex-related industry.

When not regaling readers with the thrilling events of the Eurozone’s plight, she enjoys life as a wife and mother of three incredibly brilliant children, and currently lives in Ghana, W. Africa – a hop, skip and a jump (plus a 10 hour plane ride) from her real home in N.J.

To live “well” in a developing country, she says, requires a great deal of flexibility, a fair amount of hard currency and not a little patience. Things that she once took for granted – fast food restaurants at every corner, high speed internet, quality health care and insurance, among them – now come with a high price, if they come at all.

As the mother of a child with type 1 diabetes, Barbara knows first hand how difficult it is to keep her child healthy and thriving and has begged, pleaded and moved mountains to ensure that she stays that way. But she knows that her daughter is the “lucky” one here, as too few families in Ghana can afford even the cost of life-saving insulin, much less the glucose meters and strips that are critical to the care of any person with type 1 diabetes.

Aside from her freelance writing duties, she is a voracious reader of nearly every genre and is a dedicated player of Scrabble and games of that ilk. A creative cook (out of necessity!), she has mastered homemade pizza dough and ricotta cheese and her kids are anxious for her to quit her day job and open up a restaurant so they can eat pizza all day, every day. But seriously, it is her one day dream to become an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry and she and her husband are working toward that goal.

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