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Andrew Saks is  30 year veteran of the FX industry, and is Head of Research and Analysis at ETX Capital. He was formerly CEO and Co-Founder of FinanceFeeds, Managing Editor at LeapRate and Editor at Forex Magnates as well as having run his own software engineering consultancy for 18 years which focused on infrastructure for banks and financial institutions.

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Volatility is the order of the day within the stock markets today as the Dow Jones Industrial Average begins a sudden recovery from what is being heralded as its worst week since October last year.

The US government has just announced its retail sales figures for the month of May, which are down significantly to $620.2 billion over April this year's figures, which were identical to those in March.

As the price of WTI Crude Oil hits 2.5-year high prices near $70, what is behind this rise, and how much further can it go?

Aussie spot trading up 0.20% higher following RBA rate decision.

Despite some encouraging sentiment among Western nations that an economic boom is on the horizon, there has been some counterintuitive data which paints a less-than-rosy picture for the intermediate term.

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