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Economic editor , more than 12 years experience in the global financial markets and in the field of currency and metals trading. I supervised on many sites related to investment, finance and training in the field of forex and global exchanges.

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The USD/TRY pair rose at the beginning of trading this week, as the lira fell to its lowest level in about a month, after settling in a narrow range that lasted for several weeks.

The USD/TRY pair has maintained its stability without any significant changes. Recently, the pair has continued to move at the same levels for the third month in a row, confirming the controlled movement of the Turkish currency.

The USD/TRY pair opened this week's trading with stability. Recently, the pair maintained the same range it has been in for several weeks.

The USD/TRY pair retreated yesterday, Wednesday, against the Turkish lira, while it stabilized this morning, Thursday.

The USD/TRY currency pair stabilized at the beginning of this week's trading.

The USD/TRY pair has maintained stability throughout this month's trading.

The USD/TRY pair continued its movement in a limited range with the pair stabilizing throughout this week.

The USD/TRY pair has remained stable within a limited trading range during the current week's trading sessions.

The USD/TRY pair maintained its limited movements, stabilizing within a descending triangle pattern on the four-hour time frame, as shown in the chart.

Trading in the USD/TRY remained stable during the beginning of the week, as decisions from the Turkish Central Bank and the government continued to support the stability of the lira against the dollar, which has been ongoing for about a month.

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