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Economic editor , more than 12 years experience in the global financial markets and in the field of currency and metals trading. I supervised on many sites related to investment, finance and training in the field of forex and global exchanges.

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The Turkish lira stabilized near its all-time low, which was recorded yesterday, as the price breached the top recorded during the last year, which the pair declined immediately after reaching it.

The price of the Turkish lira fell against the US dollar during today's early trading, as the lira recorded its lowest level against the US currency this year, after the pair touched the 18.30 levels.

The USD/TRY continues to move within a weak upward trend, recording slight increases.

The USD/TRY witnessed slight gains, although it continued in a very narrow dynamic range.

The USD/TRY settled on minor changes, as global reports showed the expansion of foreign reserves in the country.

The US dollar stabilized against the Turkish lira with minor changes, as the pair maintained its sluggish rise.

Get today's recommendation on the lira against the dollar.

The lira was affected by the new monetary policy pursued by the Turkish Central Bank, which focuses on increasing production away from raising interest rates, which aims to attract hot money to the economy.

The Turkish lira recorded a new low against the US dollar, as the Turkish currency maintained its falling levels.

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