Name CitiFX Pro
Established 2008
Platform FCA, NFA
Country United Kingdom
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Name CitiFX Pro
Established 2008
Regulation FCA, NFA
Country United Kingdom



As of June 2015 CitiFX Pro will be fully acquired by FXCM and Saxo Bank, with only traders from Singapore becoming clients of Saxo Bank, while all others are acquired by FXCM. Traders are expected to enjoy a seamless integration with their new brokers and to enjoy all of the benefits of these leading Forex brokers.

Citifx pro is a global bank and the broker of choice for those who want a reliable “partner” in the demanding Foreign Exchange market.  It deals with Margin Foreign Exchange trading for institutions and individuals. With more than 100 years experience in the field and its robust reputation, an immediate sense of trust is inspired in its clientele.

Dealing with a bank in this field has its benefits, some of which are as under:
-Citi has about 200 million customer accounts and a presence in more than 100 countries, and trading in about 60 countries, so there is that global reach and specialization.
-It has the widest set of tradable currencies, offering over 130 currency pairs.
-Its customer service is matchless, this having been said repeatedly by its own clients.
-US Dollar margin funds are insured by the FDIC up to $250,000 per accountholder.
-It has years of experience and a great reputation.

The Trading Platform CitiFX Pro allows anytime, anywhere trading. Account access and real-time trading take place via three unique engines, CitiFX Pro Desktop, Web, and Mobile. This is an award-winning platform and its sophistication is what makes for greater efficiency and speed and suitability to a variety of customer needs.

The website of CitiFX Pro is just like the company, geared towards serving the customer, with ample information on various aspects of the company, its trading platforms, the advantages of dealing with a bank, the company background, its principles, research, commentary, charts and much other pertinent information.

CitiFX Pro, whose goal it is to bring just and equitable handling practices to all of its customers, has done so faithfully over the years by deploying best practices and policies developed over years and infused their trading platform with these, thus evoking the trust of all its customers, creating  a very high level of satisfaction.

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