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*** As of 2012 BullOption is no longer a binary options company. If you’re looking to trade binary options with a top binary options broker, please check out our top brokers list.  

The Binary Options trading market is heating up lately, and not for no reason. It is a very attractive option for someone looking to make easy money without the hassle of learning a market. BullOption is a new binary trading broker who just opened up shop. Their platform and trading features are always being improved and enhanced, which is important, especially because in my opinion, it is missing quite a lot.

Before we go into details, let's talk a little bit about my first impressions. When first opening up the Bulloption site, the first thing I noticed, as I am sure you will, are the loud colors. Green and yellow on a black background definitely catches your eye. I am no designer, but I think it is pretty clear that they chose colors that yell at you on first glance.

The site, as far as I could tell is only in one language, English. Similar to all binary brokers we have reviewed, Bulloption offers traders a Web-based platform allowing you to log in wherever you are and not only from your own computer.
The trading platform and the overall Bulloption service has its pluses and minuses. Let's start with the good. The site is easy to use and intuitive for the average visitor with clearly defined areas throughout the design.

The site has tabs across the top including My Account, Deposit, F.A.Q, an overview of Binary options, as well as market analysis. There is a nice and informative streaming ticker along the top with the current rates of the various markets. There is also a Trader's Corner that lists all the advantages and promotions offered by Bulloption.

In terms of deposit, there seems to be a lot of different options, if I am judging by the icons along the bottom of the site, but I could not find an organized list of deposit methods anywhere on the site.

When it comes to customer support, Bulloption impressed me with a very responsive chat as well as a phone number to call, and a form to fill out, although I did not see an email address.

When it comes to the trading itself, this is where Bulloption fell short. The interface itself, in terms of its design, is overloaded. There is too much going on. The thing that makes Binary trading so attractive to so many traders is its simplicity. With Bulloption, that simplicity is gone. I want my binary trading platform to ask me whether I think that asset is going up or down and how much I am willing to invest. That is it.

With Bulloption, in order to open a trade, there are at least five steps, out of which three are unnecessary in my opinion. You need to input your investment, press Call or Put, then press Invest. After that, you need to go to a different page to see the status of your order, something that I found to be highly inconvenient and impractical. I know for a fact they are working on fixing this issue, but it made trading with Bulloption very annoying at times.

I have been trading with Bulloption for a week now, and I still cannot figure out how to know the status of my order. For example, if I opened a Put trade because I thought the value of Gold would decrease over the next hour, I want to know where it stands now. From my experience, with Bulloption, you can only know if you “won” or “lost” the trade once it expires. Now, here's the thing, I am sure I am missing something, but if I, an experienced trader am missing it, I am pretty sure many other traders will too. So even if this option is there, it is not clear at all how to use it.

On the flip side, the Bulloption has some nice options with tabs for Forex, Commodities, Indices, and Stocks, and that makes switching between markets very easy and intuitive.

All in all, the platform feels a little half-baked and requires some major improvements, but the good thing is that the developers know it and are working hard to enhance their product.

Bulloption as a company is fairly impressive with social accounts on the various social networks, which indicates to me that they are up on the latest trends, something I would require from a company with which I am entrusting my hard earned money.

One more thing I found a little annoying and disruptive is a constant pop up asking me to chat with their representative while on the site. I guess it could have been worse if it was a promotional popup, but this also annoyed me.

I will say one more thing in Bulloption’s favor. They have some nice bonuses and promotions in place and that might give them the edge they need over their fierce competition.

Bulloption has entered a new market and as one of the few binary options brokers on the Web, they have a lot of work cut out for them, but they are definitely off to a good start.

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General Information

Company Information

  • Headquarter : Belize
  • Regulation : None

Account Information

  • U.S. Clients Allowed :
  • Maximum Leverage : N/A

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent resources for learning about binary options
  • 11 language options

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    18 User Reviews

    This Bull Option review was so helpful, thanks so much - when you know the advantages and disadvantages in advance, you have a much better idea of what to expect, so things go much more smoothly. Tx for taking the time to write this Bull Option review.


    Thank you guys for giving me such an amazing service, thanks for the quick payment and the ability to understand my needs! BullOption thank you guys! Greg


    Bulloption is a scam they take your money very quickly but when you profit they make up excuses to not pay you

    Richard van Schagen

    @BULLOPTION: I did receive PART of my initial deposite back. You cancelled my account without paying out any other money. I am STILL waiting for $2000,= but I can't even prove (other than screenshots) that I actually had that money. No password work, and asking for a pw-reset has no effect. SCAM FROM A to Z!!

    Matthew Smith

    Update #2: As you see below, I have made several attempts to collect my profits from BullOption. I made my withdrawal request on May 3, 2011. They said they were having issues and there would be a delay. They "agreed" to send me $1,000. They will not tell me why they won't send the remainder of what they owe, only that "finance is looking into it". Sounds like BS. It is now July 20, 2011 and it has been over a month since they were so generous to send me a fraction of what they owe me. I have called numerous times and sent over 75 emails to multiple people on their staff and still to this day have no answer. Working with BullOption has been one of the worst mistakes of my life. They will never be able to repay me for the damage they have caused. I will continue to try to collect what is rightfully mine and will update this site if anything changes. If you have questions or would like to see proof of this, please email me ([email protected])

    Chris D.

    I' m venting just like the rest. THEY WiLL NOT GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY. THEY ARE A SCAM. I have tried, probably all binary brokers and these guys are the only ones that screw you.


    TO BULL OPTION: I am waiting for my deposit and you only said you were sending it back to me because of the link of this website which I have found and emailed you - otherwise I will still be waiting for it. Also you never told me about your T&C's re the bonus - and once I started making some money you started traficking your rates so I couldn't make anymore money - I am now trading with Anyoption who is a well reputated broker and their staff is polite at all times. In my view - they way Bull Option do their business is unregulated and dodgy.


    yeah right, my issue was never resolved, it dated back to march. I simply ended up giving up. There was no point in trying, I was fortunate to get my deposits back, as far as the profits, I can only dream of them. I haven't received a damn email explaining a reason for delay, bottom line is, "you never step on a blind man's crouch twice, first one, he wasn't aware, you should be stupid to try a second time". So bulloption, thank you for the service, YOU CAN COUNT ON ME TO INVEST WITHIN YOUR SERVICES!!!


    Guys, I saw everything from everything and from those binary option I can tell you at least they try to be the most decent with traders. I never had an issue and when I did have a question they are clear with everything. Dont take my position in favor of any merchant but we need to be fair as well A


    To Richard : you issue was resolved , you got bonuses and didn't wager in full, therefore going against our T&C's which you approved when registering. You were paid the amount owed to you in full sometime ago. To Matthew : Your request is being dealt with and I as the head of CS have personally been in touch with you. To Flo : Your are correct about the delay for which I apologised your money is being transfered to you.


    I am also a victim - still waiting for my deposit back and won't see any of my profit - I have put a complaint to the local authority in the Seychelles where Bull Option is based - contact email is [email protected] and tel +248 380800. Good Luck.

    Matthew Smith

    Update: Apparently Bull Option is dealing with a bank that is having legal problems and they conveniently (for them) cannot make wire transfers at this time. (I have emails directly from the Bull Option support to back this up) They refuse to tell why they cannot make wire transfers or even when they will be able to make them again. I requested my profit 29 days ago and have not received it yet. I get an occasional email stating they are sorry for the delay but they in no way shape or form have made an effort to resolve this. At this point I am not convinced they even payout profits. I was frustrated, but now I am extremely angry at how poorly this company chooses to treat its clients. I have done everything they have asked and they simply have not lived up to their end of the agreement.

    Matthew Smith

    I was very successful on the BullOption platform (turned $500 into $5200). Although they nailed me with a 9+ pip spread when my account reached $3000. I decided to get out on April 20, 2011, cut my risk. I received my initial deposit back as advertised in less than a week. The profit I earned on the other hand .. oh my. I've never been so frustrated in my life. They finally processed my withdrawal today! (28 days later) and they said a wire transfer to my bank will take about a week longer! Unbelievable! I got jerked around left and right. Hopefully I will still get my earnings and they will prove me wrong but they have been nothing short of terrible in my eyes. Horrible company and experience. Even if you make $$ trading options, be prepared to email them every day for a month if you actually want to see any of it. Stick with NADEX, they are regulated and are wonderful to deal with.


    Thieves. That is all I can say. Criminals. Fake ASS SCAM. The writer of this page is a cheat probably too in with bulloption. They will not give your money back. I have lost over 2500$ on them - they wont give my money back. Submitted all documents. I wish I had done something better with it.

    Richard van Schagen

    I have to agree with the other posters. Withdrawing money is impossible. Customer service only tries to get you to deposit more money. I had 2 accounts with them cause of some logon problems. They just deleted 1 account and I lost more then $ 2000,= in profit which was still on that account. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!




    Bulloptions is a scam. I dont know what this writer is saying - yes the site and the method is ok. the annoying sales rep who kept calling me to put more money was the best customer service i got from them. Since then, her email doesnt work any more. the customer service chat doesnt work every. none of the numbers of their site work. i forgot the password and the new password hasnt come, it has been over 2 weeks, i have been trying again and again. the staff looks like one man show with different names. they havent given my money back, and i cant access my account to play either. even if i won, they probably still wouldnt let me take it out. EZ TRADER is so much better, at least i got my money back from them and they have customer service. THIS IS A SCAM. DONT PUT YOUR MONEY IN THIS COMPANY. THEY HAVE COMPANIES NAMES EVERY WHERE But no where.


    Nobody has posted a comment yet about their experience with Bulloption. I have been trading with them for over a month now, and I am very disappointed in their services. For those in the U.S, I would like to know if there is anyone who had successfully contacted a customer representative from the phone number provided on the website? Also, was anyone able to withdraw his/her profits successfully? Not me, it's been three weeks since my first request and still haven't received a penny yet. I will let you guys know the outcome as soon as possible. UNTIL THEN, I AM STAYING AWAY FROM THEM. I THOUGHT EZTRADER WAS BAD, WAIT TIL WHEN YOU TRY BULLOPTION.ON A SCALE OF 0 TO 10, WITH 10 BEEING THE HIGHEST/BEST OVERALL EXPERIENCE, BULLOPTION = 0.

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