Best Forex Articles

The Forex market, while it offers endless opportunities for tremendous profits, can also be a very scary place. There are endless debates among Forex traders and experts surrounding the best methods to prevent Forex losses, but everyone agrees that Forex education should be a trader's top priority. One of the first things every trader should do is take advantage of the vast knowledge base that the Web provides, which is mainly composed from other traders' experiences. Both good and bad.

We have gathered some of the best Forex articles on the Web and we are proud to present them to you in a clear and concise fashion. It is of utmost importance that you spend the time reading the following articles before risking any of your money in the Forex market. Take the time to read, you will thank us afterwards.


Forex Basics

The comparison between Forex and gambling is a common one. The reason people like to compare these two billion dollar industries is because many Forex traders do indeed gamble their money away. However, this article explains why in reality, the two industries are actually very different.

The statistics show that a vast majority of new Forex traders end up losing their money. This is due to the simple lack of education regarding the market. Once new traders understand the market and it's workings, they will trade more responsibly and the chances of losing money decrease significantally. Here are some basic misconceptions of a new Forex trader.

There are some very important Forex practices that no Forex trader can tell you. These tips are not about what strategy to use or which broker to trade with, but rather, they are some basic psychological principles that should guide you in your Forex trading.

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Forex Trading Tools

One of the Forex market's main advantages and attractions is its high leverage. Forex brokers like to use their leverage to lure new traders in. The reality is that while high leverage can be your best tool to succeed in Forex trading, if not used responsibly, it can be your worst enemy.

One of the areas generating the most amount of hype in the Forex market is Forex auto trading, or what is also known as Forex bots. Forex auto trading offers traders many advantages that do not exist in regular Forex trading, and this article discusses them in depth.

The Forex market can be a very lucrative place to invest your money. However, just like anything else in life, it requires preparation. This article discusses the primary resources you should use before and during your Forex trading.

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Forex Trading Strategy

The Forex market and its traders have used and continue to use hundreds if not thousands of different trading strategies. One such strategy is Forex scalping, which is explained in this article.

Anyone who claims they have mastered the Forex market and know the secret to Forex success is most likely lying. There are no tricks, but there are some good tips on how to avoid major losses in Forex and this article lists them for you.

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Forex Brokers

Who has not seen promises made by Forex brokers guaranteeing immediate wealth and success in Forex trading? There are no guarantees in Forex, but the least we can do as traders is take advantage of the best bonuses and promotions being offered to us by the Forex market's top brokers.

The Forex market is absolutely overflowing with Forex brokers. It is important that traders choose their broker not based on any false promises or how nice the website is. There are clear cut aspects by which one should choose a Forex broker, and this article lists them.

While there are many Forex trading platforms available to the broker, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, the MT4 platofrm, also knows as the Meta Trader 4, has become the market standard, and not for no reason. These are some of the biggest advantages of the MT4 platform over other competing Forex platforms.

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Newest Trends

Binary trading is a new and up and coming trading arena. Being as it is so new, there are not many guides on how to select the best broker and platform. This article is a clear set of instructions on how to select your binary tradinf broker and platform.

The Web is filled with new trends and different tools to achieve your online goals. There is no ignoring the most popular trend of social media, which has been known to generate unprecedented results. The Forex market and its brokers are starting to utilize this new tool, but they are not yet maximizing its potential.

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Mobile Forex

Along with the social media trend, the mobile market has taken off over the last few years. Smartphones, which used to be a commodity reserved for the few highly technical and important people, can now be seen in the hand of every teenager across the western world. The Forex players are starting to realize the potential of mobile trading platforms and they are being offered by numerous Forex brokers.

While the Forex brokers are clearly aware that the mobile arena is growing, and they are even adapting their Forex services to match this trend, most brokers are not where they need to be when it comes to their traders' mobile needs. Consumers today do not want to be stuck staring at their computer screens, and their mobile phones provide the ability to move around without losing out. The Forex brokers must therefore adapt their services to meet these needs, and begin to offer full fledged native mobile apps to enable mobile Forex trading.

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Binary Options Trading

Binary Options trading has become the next big thing with tremendous potential for profit alongside an untra simplistic trading method. Trading binary options is something anyone can do whether or not they know a lot about the world's financial markets or even finances in general. The following is a list of all the basics terms you will see in your bimary trading activity.

Many new traders are turning to binary trading as an alternative to stock and Forex trading. This is mainly due to the fact that binary trading offers many advantages over the traditional trading arenas. This article lists them for you in a clear and concise manner.

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Commodities Trading

Commodity trading is not a new phenomenon. It has been around since the existence of civilization. However, the modern commodity trading arena has evolved into a multi billion dollar market with millions of people trading commodities such as gold, silver, and oil daily. This article explains the basic principles of how this market works and what drives commodity prices.

Along with the many financial markets, the commodities market is of tremendous proportions. The problem with all of the investment options is that they bring along with them great danger. New traders need a guide, which will give them the tools that they need to trade responsibly and with knowledge of the inherent dangers. This article provides some basic tips on how to succeed in commodity trading.

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