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  • Regulation : None
  • Country : Saint Kitts and Nevis

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Website : ayrex.com
Established : 2014
Country : Saint Kitts and Nevis


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Easy Account Set-Up
  • Islamic Account


  • Only One Bonus

Ayrex User Reviews

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  • rebeakinlabi

    Ayrex is a good binary broker. their new platform makes execution fast with nice graphic. I like to open positions from $5. it saves time and make profit quick. i also enjoy trading with the timeframes on the site. it is superb

    rebeakinlabi April 2017
  • nas

    Their platform is very good compared to other brokers, it is very fast in executing orders and very simple all in front of you. Trading begins from 30 seconds, You can choose the appropriate frame to trade on. The minimum order is 5$ and I think this is big amount comparing to some brokers, I hope to reduce it at least to 2$ and we will be very grateful to our dear Ayrex.

    nas April 2017
  • nas

    nas April 2017
  • osayi

    have been looking for trusted brokers and have got none not until i meet and tried ayrex, they have been okay from my own standpoint. i love their weekly contest eventhough i miss it attimes, and their custer services is okay for me. ayrex is the best for all binary traders

    osayi December 2016
  • Babatunde.Rufus

    If you are looking for a way to triple your money in a matter of minutes, then Ayrex might just be the place for you to be. Am I to start talking about the $5 mini deposit, the ultra fast withdrawal is, or your own choice of when to trade? Come on and join the winning team

    Babatunde.Rufus November 2016
  • mighty12

    To me, ayrex had been able to solve the problem of slow trade. There is good and available customer service. Been able to access the platform with my phone is interesting. This is great.

    mighty12 November 2016
  • fola_aregbe

    I am fascinated by Ayrex platform. I have been trading for years but Ayrex platform prove to be easy, uncomplicated and quite informative. I strongly believe everyone can use it well especially the beginners. The uniqueness of its affordability with deposit of $5 is encouraging.

    fola_aregbe November 2016
  • Sky.Fall

    If you are wondering if you can really make money on ayrex binary options broker then the answer is yes you can. That is not a scam. You can make money trading binary options at ayrex and they are my favourite broker alothough they are only 2 years old but They offer fair trades and historically a legitimate binary broker. their high returns rate is literally the bes in the bin_opt industry

    Sky.Fall November 2016
  • hicho_hicho

    one of the best brokers i've worked with is ayrex, with their professional support and
    management, i felt at easy and confident thaat i'm putting my money in the right place, i took a no deposit bonus, and i thought it may not be done or i may fail to fulfill the conditions of it but i did and withdraw a 200$ from it too, we have nothing to lose their, they are awesome and honest trustworthy and kind, it's an opportunity for us to join them, and make more profits in binary wrold, all the pairs are there so no worries you r in the right place

    hicho_hicho November 2016
  • oemmanuel

    I want to talk about their platform because i realise that one of the ways that brokers can use to easily defraud their client is their platform. If you want to trade with a broker no matter how good the brokers are if you dont know how to use their platform you wil just loose all your deposit. that is why you need to practice but most broker will tell you to use your money to practice but this Ayrex will allow you to use a demo account and when you do you will notice that their plate form is very easy to understand you dont need any body to guide you they will give you all you need to succeed because they are after your success

    oemmanuel November 2016
  • Ajulo.Joshua

    Their platform is actually nice. All the info you need are presented in an orderly and user friendly manner. Now they have a no deposit bonus of $30 to start trading real. A contest on demo where you can win as much as $100 within an hour. A minimum deposit of $5, 24/7 prompt customer care attendant. Any serious trader should consider ayrex.com, though caution is needed as in all binary trading.

    Ajulo.Joshua November 2016
  • Raja.Dhanush

    Ayrex trading is very feasible and trustworthy. Which also has an customer friendly platform design.Allthough, it doesnt have all the requisite for the customer,it has a good well defined limited trades,which is a huge highlight.This is a reason why I like trading with this company.
    very good trading platform.

    Raja.Dhanush November 2016
  • jnwaogwugwu

    When you need a reliable broker what you need is Ayrex. Because at ayrex they want you to win your trade their platform to me is one in a million you cannot find anywhere, They just want you to win because their platform is so easy to understand many other brokers you will require a school or train to understand their platform, but ayrex every thing is spelt out and even as a newbie to the business you dont need a guide they go as far as providing you with good and reliable signal. That means they are out to see you succeed. Thanks Ayrex God bless you and your business

    jnwaogwugwu November 2016
  • Rajesh.Marwah

    Best part is ayrex keep on updating.. to make user friendly, it's nice to be on this platform.. will surely recommend

    Rajesh.Marwah November 2016
  • eadekunle

    Ayrex is the best platform i have ever come acrossed if you ask for your money say you want to withdraw its just like the depositing it just instantly especially when it come to withdrawal even weekend you get your money so no need to cry for three working days like other brokers they are just one in a million and even if you win in their competion they dont treat you like well we are doing you a favour they treat you as a king that you are

    eadekunle November 2016
  • yewale

    Ayrex has been the best ever. Its nice to be here. Intact, the training is wao

    yewale October 2016
  • mt4coder

    Success in trading binary options is closely tied to the choice of broker. Ayrex brings the goal of trading for a living closer. I can now capitalize on quick market movements using the 30sec and 60sec expiry they offer and their fast execution. The weekly contests also provide a good way to practice, benchmark with other traders as well as have fun at the same time. Ayrex is simply the best binary options broker I have encountered so far.

    mt4coder October 2016
  • Chebechukwu.Eriobu

    Ayrex is the best binary broker I've ever seen.
    There demo account makes it much easier to practice binary option.
    The 30sec trade is another unique feature of Ayrex that I love.

    Chebechukwu.Eriobu October 2016
  • grace

    when I meet new broker I try their platform. I’ve also tried Ayrex for a few times and would like to say that this broker definitely requires your attention. This broker is the best that i have ever tried…Their website is adapted for the smartphones.
    What i liked most of all was quick withdrawal process .

    grace October 2016
  • grindgirl

    Withdrawal of funds and profits is paramount to choosing a legit binary options broker. I have had a good experience withdrawing funds from Ayrex; I actually thought the instant withdrawal was a hoax until I experienced it first hand while withdrawing to my wallet. My documents were verified and now Mastercard and Visa payment options are now available. I have been enjoying their weekly demo contests and sharpening my skills and I hope they keep the contests running for long. Simply the best binary options broker.

    grindgirl October 2016
  • feranmi

    I was excited Wen I saw this. The best innovative binary option brokers. Intact, the minimum investment of 5$usd is wao. It's glad to be here. I love it. Tanks

    feranmi October 2016
  • Solomon.Kingpin

    Ayrex,the best binary option Broker i have seen so far. With a minimum deposit of $5 you can start trading,and to talk about the ayrex demo platform,practicing with its super-user-friendly experience h helped me figure out strategies that suits me best,so now I can start trading with my real account

    Solomon.Kingpin October 2016
  • harriet

    I have tried alot of binary option broker and i found out as far as i know that Ayrex is the best. When it comes to users friendly platform, QR, nice support service, creative website, they better than the rest. i would love to see an increase in their asst return soon

    harriet October 2016
  • waliah

    Cool.. it allowing to open trade at any time.. light platform and fast execution.. candlestick or line chart provided to choose

    waliah October 2016
  • kirpaldas234

    I did try demo platform of ayrex binary option. It is very fast and accurate rate of real market prices. There are so many assets available for Put and Call option. In ayrex is easy to eran within few minutes with highest profit return. Ayrex is very good broker and support chat alway connect and quickly response.

    kirpaldas234 February 2016
  • radouane01

    hi everybody if you are looking for the best binary option this days i really want you to try Ayrex it's the number one in the world betwwen the outher and fake binary option
    it's a trusted binary option to trade safty and make some great money back , also you can practice in demo acount that is free and fast too to work.
    anouther great side of Ayrex is that you can withrawal your money with simple click and so fast , i advice you to try it right now .
    if you have any question you can chat live with the team too and you get the information you want instantly .
    i tried outher binary option but i really found that Ayrex is the best between them .

    radouane01 February 2016
  • syed1966

    When I opened website www.ayrex.com then I did see try demo buttoun then I did click and demo binary option platform opened without registration with virtual amount $1000 and I did see three options Short Term, High\Low and One Touch and also there are so many assets came in right side and left side graph showed of assets. I did play with virtual amount $1000 I choose short term option and choosed gold assets for play. In short, term option time came in that form 30sec,1min,2min,3min and 5min with minimum amount $5 can maximum amount set $5000. I did set amount $100 with time 5mins. When I opened option for 5min for virtual amount deducted $100 after showed up in amount $900. When 5mins completed and opened position closed with correct position. I showed virtual amount $1085 means 85% return of total amount play option. It is very good return policy of Ayrex Binary Option.

    syed1966 February 2016
  • ashokkumar8888

    Ayrex demo has very beautiful look and enjoyable in doing work. I am trying to learn in demo and very soon I will be able to start with real account.

    ashokkumar8888 January 2016
  • ashokkumar8888

    I did try demo platform.I like very much demo platform.In Ayrex platform three options available 1.Short Term 2.High\Low 3.One Touch
    All three options to choose from, each with its own unique features and traders can benefit.

    ashokkumar8888 January 2016
  • parkash1972

    Ayrex offers an early closure feature for High/Low. Anyone wishing to exit a certain trade prior to its expiration time need only click on the “Close now” button and the current outcome is added to their account balance.

    parkash1972 January 2016
  • tolaram1966

    There is one standard account at Ayrex and the minimum investment is 5 USD/EUR. The maximum is 10000 USD/EUR.

    Ayrex also offers an Islamic account where those who follow Shariah laws can trade free of interest rates, hidden fees or surcharges or rollovers. Ayrex has even developed a custom “halal” platform specific to this account.

    tolaram1966 January 2016
  • mahesh89

    I loved the graphics used on the Ayrex website. They are bright and colorful and they bring out the key concepts and offerings of the broker. The website in general is easy to navigate and clicking on the correct tab opens the next page instantaneously.There are many options to choose from, each with its own unique features and traders can benefit from High/Low, Short Term and Touch/No Touch in various different formats. These options are described in detail on the site and are simple enough for even the most novice trader to understand.

    mahesh89 January 2016
  • sangeeta1976pk

    Ayrex offers its own unique proprietary platform. It has a user-friendly interface with simple Call and Put buttons, ultra-fast trade execution, flexible trading, an additional Turbo option and a wide variety of trading tools.

    sangeeta1976pk January 2016
  • kirpalpk45

    I have used demo platform of Ayrex which is very much attractive,fast and enjoyable. I intend to open real account very soon. However it is much better than other brokerage houses and highly recommend for other clients as well.

    kirpalpk45 January 2016
  • naresh1980

    It’s not always easy to find a binary broker that you can feel confident trading with. When investing your money, you need to feel a sense of ease about the broker you’re working with. That’s why many traders opt for a brand name broker and one that has regulations to cover their funds in any eventuality. Ayrex are such a broker.

    naresh1980 January 2016

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