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  • Regulation : MiFID, Central Bank of Ireland, ASIC, FSC, BVIFSC
  • Country : Ireland
* Ranked #11 of 315 in DailyForex's top broker list


Website :
Established : 2006
Country : Ireland


  • Both Fixed and Floating Spreads
  • Easy to use website in many languages
  • Demo account


  • Only one standard account
  • Lengthy withdrawal process

AvaTrade User Reviews

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  • vanyoelle12

    I have to come out of the dark to help traders. With my Binary option and Forex strategies, I have made profit in the past 3 years and now I make £20,000 every week. After changing a lot of strategies, I and my associates have decided to share this one since it's a success. It is the least I can do for beginners or people who have lost much to binary options and are looking for the right strategy which I am willing to help for free. Email me via my email for help.

    vanyoelle12 February 2018
  • Anubavsheik

    Dear Amir, please kindly understand that i never meant Avatrade is a bad broker, it might be a great broker, but since it is a desk dealer i would not invest my hard earn money and it is really unfortunate that without properly doing research you simply called me a lair, it is totally false. OctaFX Is regulated company by the authorities of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines under the International Business Companies (Amendment and Consolidation) Act. Now about they are working on it that is mainly for the other place, so basically they are trying to expand their reach. I hope it’s clear for me and please next time do proper research before pointing fingers at anyone.

    Anubavsheik November 2014
  • AmirS

    OctaFX isn't regulated - it says right on their 'regulation' page that they're working on I wouldn't trust their trading, nor do I trust your comments, as clearly you'r misguided. AvaTrade is very reliable, and regulated in multipel countries.

    AmirS November 2014
  • Anubavsheik

    I always love to trade with brokers had have good bonus offers, as that helps me trade without big investment, but at the same time they must be reliable and reputed, unfortunately with Avatrade they have large bonus, but been a desk dealer i cannot trust them. I trade with a true ECN company OctaFX, as they are also regulated, so i am able to make smooth trading orders with all of them getting executed instantly without any requotes. It helps greatly to increase income consistently.

    Anubavsheik November 2014
  • mashfaq78

    People want to join Avatrade must avoid it. Its website looks very comprehensive and shows a lot of achievements. Till your registration process and funding your account, a warm welcome and full time response is paid. But as you fund your account you will not see any more response from Ava trade. There would be no response from all their service departments. Here you would want to withdraw your money, but would not be able to get it as their operations are manual and there would be no response from Ava trade team. Moreover, its spread rate is very high as compared to others, stop loss and take profit limit is not work on appropriate points and many more to describe here. So I strongly recommend it for you to avoid it prior to get yourself helpless. For further details you can mail me at

    mashfaq78 May 2014
  • ACZ

    Ava Trading Platform is great indeed! Exciting and easy to navigate. My DEMO ACCOUNT with $100,000.00 becomes $170,000.00+ in less than 24 hours trading in 1-min. time frame. How I wish it was a REAL ACCOUNT.The only thing that frustrates me, especially in times I foresee potential profit, is the execution speed - relatively slow, both in opening and closing a deal.

    ACZ November 2013
  • jess_andi

    Just download Ava the same way you download everything else. What are you from another planet?

    jess_andi July 2013
  • rocketgrrl82

    What's the problem. Just follow the directions on the website. The ava software is so easy to follow.

    rocketgrrl82 July 2013
  • denika

    Can someone help me download Ava?

    denika July 2013
  • elderoos

    I wish avatrader would help me make some money. I like it but maybe I'm not doing something right….

    elderoos July 2013
  • SafiyeAkyol

    I've been trading with the company a long time and sometimes I make money and sometimes I don't. what can you do?

    SafiyeAkyol July 2013
  • mayo

    AVA software is different than other Forex brokers. I was able to open a demo account without any trouble and I can practice forever till I feel confident about trading with real money. It's great. Lots of fun.

    mayo July 2013
  • reginaptu

    I'm not so good with computer but someone taught me how to download AVA program and how I can make money. So I did and I made a little money. Then I lost it again.

    reginaptu July 2013
  • layepayerrons

    Is AVAtrader new? How comes I never saw it before on the website? It's pretty good and very helpful for people like me who don't do so much trading. I wish I had more money to invest….

    layepayerrons July 2013
  • Bobbie Katoa

    AVAtrader's been around awhile. It's not any different from a lot of other broker's platforms. I guess it's as good as the others. It works.

    Bobbie Katoa July 2013
  • JoseDiMaggio

    I opened an account with AVA forex several months ago and I have been happy with how things are progressing. They seem like a nice company and I just hope I make some money

    JoseDiMaggio July 2013
  • CindyElvira

    I am so happy with the AVA software. It is so easy to navigage and I am thrilled with it. Thanks so much.

    CindyElvira July 2013
  • hany.gafar77

    I'm always looking for a broker that is simple and will help me make money. AVA forex trading sounds good on paper and I am hoping will really be good. It's not easy to come out ahead with investments and I haven't been so lucky so far.

    hany.gafar77 July 2013
  • grande

    Ava trade offers the popular Meta Trader 4 platform, but when will they start offereing the new Meta Trader 5 platform? I understand it's a terrific platform.

    grande July 2013
  • Teraddisa

    can someone help me download Ava?

    Teraddisa July 2013
  • iwetm

    That's because American regulation is stricter and AVA forex hasn't applied for it. But I know they are regulated by other regulators. I'm sure it is listed on the site.

    iwetm July 2013
  • telpgliluem

    I liked the updated Ava forex review. I'm still wondering why the company doesn't allow Americans to trade.

    telpgliluem July 2013
  • Preertustic

    Yes, it really is disgusting how people can cheat innocent victums. We all want to make some money but most of us try to do it in an honest way. AVA forex is a pretty honest company

    Preertustic June 2013
  • bangkinh

    So far I haven't heard about any Ava scams and I hope I never do. There are too many crooks out there doing all kinds of funny business and it make me angry.

    bangkinh June 2013
  • ElenaAleksandrov

    One of the finest brokers out there. avatrade platform is great.. and the withdrawl procedure takes couple of days, but it's legit 100%

    ElenaAleksandrov June 2013
  • mangin

    Ava trading is one of the better companies out there today. The accounts are easy to open and the customer service people are pretty straight forward and helpful

    mangin May 2013

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