Established 2006
Platform None
Country Ireland


  • Excellent phone support
  • User-friendly manual trading platforms
  • Quality autotrader services
  • Trading options for 49 different currencies
  • Audited by Ernst & Young
  • Regulated by FSA & Financial Regulator of Ireland


  • Unresponsive chat support
  • Doesn’t currently support MT5
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AVAFX Review

AVAFX Review


Established 2006
Regulation None
Country Ireland


  • Excellent phone support
  • User-friendly manual trading platforms
  • Quality autotrader services
  • Trading options for 49 different currencies
  • Audited by Ernst & Young
  • Regulated by FSA & Financial Regulator of Ireland


  • Unresponsive chat support
  • Doesn’t currently support MT5

As a broker that trades over 1.5 billion trades each month, there’s no question that Ava FX is one of the leading Forex brokers online today. What sets Ava FX apart from other Forex brokers, however, is not only the volume of trades it processes each month, but the site’s intuitive user interface that caters both to both financial professionals and new Forex traders. We tested the trading platform, customer service, ease of use and other elements of Ava FX and reported our findings below.

General Information

Maximum leverage: 1:400
Minimum deposit: $100
Minimum deal size: 5,000/limited by margin
Languages available: English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Hindi

Trading Platform

The primary trading platform used by Ava FX is called the Ava Trader that gives users the opportunity to trade in FX quickly, using the wildly popular Meta Trader 4 platform. Ava FX also offers a web based trading platform which is cleverly called Ava Java. Live trading accounts on AVAFX can be categorized under Silver account with a minimum deposit of $100, Gold with a minimum deposit of $1,000, and Platinum with a minimum deposit of $10,000. The company’s demo account has all of the features that you will find on Ava’s live platform, which offers an excellent introductory trial.

AVAFX Platform
View of Ava Java trading platform (Click image to enlarge)

Although Ava FX does not currently offer the MetaTrader 5 platform, we did not feel as though this service was lacking, as the company’s MetaTrader 4 platform performs solidly and conveniently provides all necessary Forex trading information. We were pleased, however, to find that Ava FX offers a mobile trading platform with an extremely detailed explanation of how to use it, as well as direct links for platforms catering to traders using different currencies.

In addition to standard web-based trading, Ava FX also offers a mobile trading platform which supports all major mobile platforms. The beauty of this mobile trader is that it is web-based and not run through an app, so that it integrates seamlessly with any mobile device to allow convenient Forex trading anytime, anywhere.
Finally, Ava FX offers an autotrader, aptly called the Ava AutoTrader, which we’ve reviewed separately so that you can decide independently whether these autotraders are right for you.


Ava FX offers an expansive array of features, including full streaming rates, up to the second flowing executable exchange rates 24-hours a day, and a wide range of currency crosses. However, during the course of our Ava FX review, we were equally impressed by the features that the company doesn’t offer, including rollover fees and margin call fees – expenses that we didn’t miss for a moment.

Good, easy to use, charting tools are available on Ava FX. Some of the features included in Ava FX’s charting tool are Trend Lines, Fibo Retracement, Horizontal Lines, and Vertical Lines etc. Though these features may not be sufficient for truly advanced traders, they are more than sufficient for new traders and can truly enhance the trading experience.

We also appreciated that trades are executed with single-click market executions, or with double-click market trading. Similarly useful were the company’s Updated Economic Calendar Analysis and the professional analysis provided on the site that made it possible to make systematic, rational trading decisions.
Finally, we were delighted to see that Ava FX offers bonuses and special offers for new traders such as reduced minimum deposit rates, special bonuses using specified payment methods or cash added to your account upon first deposit.

Customer Service

AvaFX offers multiple forms of customer service, including email support, phone assistance and live chat. We found their phone support to be the most impressive – in repeated tests of the company's phone service, we were answered promptly by a helpful agent . It is important to note that unlike other Forex brokers, Ava FX offers a singular customer service phone number which is based in America, so traders calling from abroad may need to make a long-distance call to get quality support. Still, it is possible to get multi-lingual support at this number, so traders who aren’t native English speakers need not be afraid to call.

AvaFX also offers online chat services, though there may be a short wait time before a representative is available. Traders in some countries may not qualify for chat support as the service is intended only for those in countries where Ava FX is allowed to provide its services. The wait nothwithstanding, we found the Ava FX chat support team to be knowledgeable and friendly.  Like their phone support, Ava FX's chat support is available in nearly every language.

Successful Ava FX Chat
Ava FX Chat (Click image to enlarge)

Ava FX’s email support team took 17 hours and 55 minutes to respond to our initial request, but when we responded to the email response, we were delighted to see that Ava FX’s team responded significantly faster.

Email from Ava FX
Customer Service Email (click to enlarge)

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that Ava FX offers very useful online tutorials and a robust education center which makes it possible for users to seek answers to their questions independently. Although the information provided is more than adequate, the only thing missing is a search feature on the site, which would help streamline the process considerably.

Ease of Use

Of all the Forex brokers and trading platforms that we tested, we found Ava FX to be one of the easiest to use. One thing that sets Ava FX apart from other Forex sites is that it offers a clearly-designated guided tour, which is a video with audio, clearly explaining how to use the site. Traders who don’t want to site through the guided tour can take a ‘virtual tour’ through which they can select topics and watch topic-specific tutorials at their convenience.

Even a cursory look at the Ava FX website should make users feel instantly comfortable. Unlike other top Forex brokers such as or eToro, Ava FX’s homepage is uncluttered and offers a clear navigation which makes it easy for visitors to find their way on the site. Equally impressive are the company’s trading platforms which are clearly delineated and not overly complicated, making it easy for both new traders and Forex experts to keep their thoughts organized.

Although Forex is a relatively complicated industry, we found that Ava FX makes a supreme effort to keep their site and their tools organized and simplified while offering contemporary technology and analysis so that all types of traders can thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Review info: AVAFX
Review Date:
Rating : 4
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30 User Reviews Add Comment
  • ElenaAleksandrov

    I agree with Sato. This is the best company around. And he's right. Lots of other companies can't be trusted but there are no Avafx scams and I know they are honest. They are also good at helping me when I am not sure what to do.

    ElenaAleksandrov June 2013
  • SatoKenta

    I am living in Australia and I can trade anywhere in the world. I love Avafx and I am so happy I can trade with them from wherever I live. I think this review is right to the point. It’s a great company and it’s got great features. I have been trading with them for several years and I really trust them. I never have to worry about Avafx scams or any other sort of cheating. I know other companies have run scams but Avafx has been around a long time. I hope it continue to do so.

    SatoKenta June 2013
  • KudretCevahir

    I loved reading about AvaFx. Trading here makes me comfortable and I never worry about any Avafx scams or losing my money. I listened to the lessons they gave for free and I learned a lot about trading. I know there are a lot of forex brokers trying to get my money but I will never leave AvaFx. I tell all my friends about this company and tell them to read about the scams AvaFx warned us about so they shouldn’t lose any money also.

    KudretCevahir June 2013
  • AlessandroMal

    I've read a bunch of AvaFX reviews but this one was definitely the most comprehensive. Thanks for being so thorogh!

    AlessandroMal May 2012
  • Javier

    This AvaFX review was so helpful! I haven't heard much about this brand, but I've done some research and it definitely seems like what you say here is accurate. I just hope that your daily technicals are as helpful as this AvaFX review, since i'm ready to upgrade to a real account.

    Javier January 2012
  • Delphi Scalper

    Forex Broker can help to suggest the person about the latest trend of your forex trading market. They guide the fx in market place Forex is designed to provide the novice trader the entire variety of equipment and support essential to contend systematically and price effectively with all the most notable professional and institutional traders.

    Delphi Scalper August 2011
  • lisahenry

    Forex Broker helps to suggest the individual about recent trend of the forex market. They help the forex in market FX is built to give the novice trader the full range of tools and support needed to compete successfully and cost effectively with the most prominent professional and institutional traders.

    lisahenry June 2011
  • Bernard

    This is a very quality review, a must read on your way to choosing a reliable forex broker. I wasted a lot of time reading a lot of "empty" reviews on other websites, most of the are slightly different versions of some generic review, but these guys on Daily Forex have done excellent job researching the market and comparing different forex brokers. Thank you so much for that!

    Bernard November 2010
  • paul buck

    no united states on country list??

    paul buck August 2010
  • Joseph G.

    AVAFX is #1 in the market!!!

    Joseph G. August 2010
  • Dolgion

    I am trying this avafx in month with out any problems but support service is still busy and slowly. cost of trading is high specially usd/cad other crosses 5 - 7 spread. During news execution is often delayed for 30 seconds or for 1 minute, frequent re-qoutes are a norm. Charting data get missing during news release, especially on Fridays. Moreover, charting capabilities are not professional enough for forex trading like, for example, moving average can not be modified to close, high, low etc You can not change thickness of the lines etc. Also, some critical indicators like volumes are not available at all. Some indicators can't mix

    Dolgion June 2010
  • AvaFx Customer Support

    Hello Richards, AvaFX appreciates your feedback. Each day, we go through every email request or concern that is sent to our Customer Support inboxes - or A response is sent within 24-48 business hours. To date, we have not found any emails that pertain to the issue that you encountered. Please make sure that you sent the query to the correct email address and feel free to notify us via email or live chat or telephone if you have any further questions. It is our priority to ensure that all of our traders and potential clients are receiving the highest level of Support and Services. AvaFX Team.

    AvaFx Customer Support May 2010
  • Richards

    I downloaded the demo version. it was having some problems. Tried contact AvaFX, sent them emails for the error. but they never replied me and i never got any solution. So if you really can not even fix problems in the demo version or even assist the customer who is trying out your product. How can we the customers be sure that once we have the real version of AvaFx we going to be taken care of. The not replying thing really discouraged me and other potential customers. i was looking forward for AvaFX once i downloaded it and trying it. But not any more interested. Learn how to listen and respond to the customers or potential customers AvaFX. Or you will end up with nothing.

    Richards May 2010
  • Hillel

    Barry, thank you for your comment, and we are currently looking into this issue. AvaFX will be contacting you with a solution shortly.

    Hillel March 2010
  • okposong

    Plesae can some one help reply how i can place a pending order in av platform?

    okposong February 2010
  • John Hitch

    I trade with AvaFX for 2 years now without any problems and I really like their platform. I also heard they introduced MT4 lately, So Irene, you might want to try it.

    John Hitch September 2009
  • Irene

    I am with Ava for several weeks already. Some things are very good like easy deposit and activation, one click trading, hedging etc. Negatives are that spreads are fixed and pretty wide for some pairs (USD/CAD 5; EUR/JPY 4) and in reallity with slippages you'll end up with 7-8 spreads - so cost of trading is high, just be prepared. During news execution is often delayed for 30 seconds or for 1 minute, frequent re-qoutes are a norm. Charting data get missing during news release, especially on Fridays. Moreover, charting capabilities are not professional enough for forex trading like, for example, moving average can not be modified to close, high, low etc You can not change thickness of the lines etc. Also, some critical indicators like volumes are not available at all. So I have to disagree they have "award winning" platform. From my experience, the platform is very simple and inferior to MT4. Bottom line, if your forex strategy is long position holding then it's ok broker. For short term and scalping strategies look for somewhere else. Regards.

    Irene August 2009
  • uri

    a great company, with top nuch tools ... i am a trader for a long time and they are the best in the world. remember this name - they are just rising now

    uri August 2009
  • DailyForex Team

    Hi sharma, Send us your mail to and we will connect you to AVAFX. team

    DailyForex Team August 2009
  • sharma

    hi.thare are no name of country italy why?anbody help me?i am from italy i want to opened an account with avafx but thare are no name italy.

    sharma August 2009
  • Frstrated

    Why is that all these sites want to collect all your personal information (including phone number) before they'll even let you look at their platform or tell you their spreads. The whole point of a demo account is to check out their services without having some idiot calling and emailing you trying to sell you more crap

    Frstrated August 2009
  • Hillel

    Thank you for that suggestion. We will definitely have it in mind when implementing future improvements on DailyForex. Thanks for reading and providing your feedback!

    Hillel July 2009
  • K E

    Can i suggest an improvement to the site, it's only a small one in the summary for the reviews, a list of what exposure(s) any particular platform trades;i.e * Fx * Commodities etc.

    K E July 2009
  • Hillel Fuld

    Hi Prosper, Thank you for reading and commenting. As the Content Manager of DailyForex, I can guarantee you that all of our reviews are 100% objective and professional. In fact you can read our criteria for reviewing brokers, which we wrote to offer our readers full transparency. (just click "View Site" near my name)

    Hillel Fuld June 2009
  • prosper

    very informative i would say but the enphasis on looks as though there is a relationship with the brokers. an unbiased review site should just spell out the details and not sounding like a form of advertisement.

    prosper June 2009
  • Sean -

    Dear Sam, Thanks for your comment. We value the comments of our visitors even if we don't agree with them. is an objective reviews site. Our reviews are conducted by forex traders who base their reviews on actual testing of the brokers and their services. Since we review online brokers, the main criteria for reviewing and rating the brokers are; Ease of use, Customer Support, Trading Features and offering. We agree that there are some known brokers that might be considered as top brokers. However, these brokers are usually lacking the internet experience and are more suitable for non internet users and are therefore not in our top 10.

    Sean - June 2009
  • Jim

    I like AVAFX!!!

    Jim May 2009
  • sam

    Further to my previous comments, and after the prompt follow up by I would like to mention that I was very impressed of the professionalism exercised when handling visitors comments. Therefore; and in order to be objective and fair, I retract my previous comments, at least for the time being, about being a propaganda site. Regards Sam

    sam May 2009
  • sam

    how the heck do you rate the brokers, and based on what criteria? If you were impartial, as you ought to be, you should have listed all the brokers available (at least the licensed ones), or at least allow the addition/submission of brokers. But it seems that you are just a propaganda site that has been sponsored by some of the brokers you have listed on your site, which means that information you provide is very biased and misleading. Thanks for the info, but no thanks we will not be considering you as reliable source of information. Sam

    sam May 2009
  • malik

    excellent review, very informative.

    malik March 2009

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