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  • Headquarter : Greece
  • Regulation : None

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  • Thorough Course
  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Four Month Course
  • Might Seem Pricey

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AKFinancials defines itself as a global electronic trading and Forex education firm. The premise is actually quite simple. According to the latest studies, 90% of new Forex traders end up losing their money. The reason is because these traders did not come prepared and decided to trade Forex as if it was a casino. They do not spend the time to learn Forex first. It is a clear cut issue, to succeed in this market, you need to spend the time and resources to learn Forex from all sides.
AKFinancials offers a very in depth professional Forex course or Forex education program in which a new trader can learn Forex and all its complexities, and an experienced trader can become a true Forex expert in four months. Let’s back up a little. One of the first things you will notice about AKFinancial is their near perfect website. The site is clean, simple, and as user friendly as any site I have ever encountered. The information is all right there at your fingertips and it is all displayed in a very professional and well written manner. The site makes it very easy to quickly learn Forex.
After navigating the site, you quickly understand that AKFinancials not only provides in depth Forex education and trains you to become a true Forex expert, but they also offer you to continue on and benefit from a full Forex career as a trader for AKFinancials, a very interesting concept.
As for the company itself, I found their service to be responsive and professional, but I was missing a real time chat option on the site, something many other financial service providers already offer.
One of the first things that struck me about AKFinancials is the price of the four month Forex education course. My first thought was that $1495 for a course is a lot of money. Then I analyzed that a little…
In the Forex market, you are dealing with sums of tens and hundreds of thousands of Dollars minimum and to receive Forex education means you are training in a market with endless potential for profit for less than $1500 is actually a great deal. If you trade Forex without this Forex education, you will most likely be investing much more money than that, and statistics show that you will lose that money quite fast.
So, the site impressed me and the model definitely seemed like something I would recommend to any Forex trader. Now it was time to see what AKFinancials was actually teaching.
The vast amount of topics that are covered in the four month AKFinancials Forex education program is truly amazing. If it has to do with Forex, chances are it is covered in this course.
Some of the many topics you will master in the AKFinancials program include:
Technical Analysis: Chart Analysis, Fibonacci, Elliot Wave, Oscillators, etc.
Fundamental Analysis: Economic Indicators, Geopolitical Events, etc.
Risk Management: Stop Losses, Take Profits, Trading Systems, etc.
Trading Psychology: Controlling your emotions, trading tools, etc.
Forex Strategy Development: Building a strategy, sticking to strategy, etc.
Expert Traders: Trading Platforms, Forex Systems, Auto Traders, etc.

Once the trader completes the program, they are assigned a one on one mentor to guide them in their Forex trading. The mentor’s job is to point out mistakes the trader is making and help sharpen the trader’s Forex trading skills. This also helps trader learn Forex from experience.
The initial trading after the course is done in a “simulated trading account”, which is similar to a demo account offered by many Forex brokers. This, as AKFinancials emphasizes, is a crucial step along the way.
Here is where it gets exciting. Once the mentor feels that you are seeing steady enough profits in the demo account, you can begin trading the real account with all the capital for your trading provided by AKFinancials. You are not responsible for any losses you experience. Of course, you also do not get all the profits either, but rather a percentage of whatever you make in this time.
Moving along to some other great features of the AKFinancials service, the virtual classroom where the trader learns the material makes use of all the newest and most cutting edge technologies to ensure an optimal experience. To just name a few of the features traders get in the course, you will find:
Enhanced Duplex audio for high quality sound
Integrated instant messaging for an interactive experience
• Shared whiteboards
• Powerpoint
• File and image sharing
• Markup and annotation tools
• Screen and application sharing
• Session recording and playback
In conclusion, this is truly a no brainer. AKFinancials offers a great Forex learning program that all Forex traders can learn from, irrelevant of their prior Forex knowledge. Entering into this volatile market without learning and preparing one’s self first is a big mistake that many traders make.Now the question remains, do you want to learn it all yourself and risk tremendous losses in your first few trades as a result of rookie mistakes or do you want to learn from the experts and have them train you to become one yourself? If the answer is B, which it should be, AKFinancials is a great option to get started in your long term Forex career.

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