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Forex Android Application by DailyForex.comThe team is extremely excited to announce the launch of our new free Forex Android application, Daily Forex News & Analysis, which allows Forex traders across the world to get our timely updates and Forex signals directly to their cell phones.  “Developing a mobile Forex application was the next obvious step in the continually evolving world of Forex,” noted CTO Aviv Callander.  “Even traders who aren’t trading on their mobile phones should be able to stay on top of the markets so they’ll know when it’s time to place a trade.”

Until now, traders have been able to receive updates on the website, via Facebook and Twitter, and via email updates, but many traders reported that they weren’t receiving important market information when they stepped away from their desks and that they missed potentially profitable trading opportunities.  To alleviate this problem, our programmers took to developing a Forex Android app, to serve users of this popular mobile software.  It is our hope to expand the application to other mobile devices in the coming months.

The Forex Android application developed by is entirely free of charge and is fully customizable so that traders can choose how often they wish to receive their updates and can browse between different tabs including fundamental analysis, technical analysis, news and articles to focus on the articles that they find the most relevant to their trading style.  Mobile Forex trading is becoming more and more popular, and traders deserve the ability not only to trade, but to trade smartly.  It is our hope that the Android app will help you do just that.

To download the Daily Forex News & Analysis app click here.

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