Forex Today: Bitcoin Hits 17-Month High on ETF Hopes

Bitcoin rallies to new long-term highs on hopes spot Bitcoin ETFs will get regulatory approval within the coming months.

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  1. Bitcoin is in focus today as it rises strongly to its highest price since May 2022 near $37,000. The rally is seen as partly driven by strong hopes that Bitcoin ETFs will gain regulatory approval in the coming weeks, allowing greater retail investment participation in the crypto asset. Trend traders may find Bitcoin interesting on the long side now.
  2. Crude Oil is in focus today as crude oil futures remain near 3-month low prices made recently, with dampening global demand and weak Chinese economic indicators seen as assisting the bearish mood here.
  3. Stock markets are mostly higher over the Asian session today, encouraged by falling US Treasury yields. The 10-Year yield has fallen back below 4.50% over recent days.   
  4. The USD/JPY currency pair is trading back above ¥151and is not far from making a new 1-week high, showing renewed bullish impetus due to the fresh strength in the US Dollar today. This currency pair remains within a valid long-term bullish trend, so will be attractive to trend traders. In the Forex market, the US Dollar is mixed. The strongest major currency today is the New Zealand Dollar, while the Swiss Franc has been the weakest. The Euro and Australian Dollar are looking relatively bullish, while the British Pound looks relatively bearish.
  5. There will be releases of Chinese CPI (inflation) and US unemployment claims data later today.
Adam Lemon

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