AvaTrade Withdrawal - Overview

Many negative broker reviews highlight withdrawal issues, an area where AvaTrade excels, with no credible problems. Withdrawing profits is the primary goal of traders — but up to 90% never reach this stage of their trading career — and those who do require a hassle-free and trustworthy process.

AvaTrade does not levy internal withdrawal fees, and we have analyzed the five AvaTrade withdrawal methods in our comprehensive AvaTrade withdrawal guide. Additionally, you can find more info. Regarding Avatrade, in our informative AvaTrade broker review.

Read on to learn in depth why AvaTrade ranks among the most trusted withdrawal brokers, which currencies you may use, and how long it takes to receive your funds.


Deposit and withdrawal
Asset selection
Regulation and security

AvaTrade Withdrawal at a Glance

All brokers are financially incentivized to ensure a swift deposit process. Withdrawing profits should follow an equally hassle-free procedure, but this is not always the case. There are notable differences between brokers, particularly with withdrawal methods, currencies, and processing times.

Therefore, traders must consider available payment processors, which are often geographically restricted, the trustworthiness of the broker — where AvaTrade ranks exceptionally — internal processing times, which are slow at AvaTrade, and applicable fees including any potential currency conversion costs.

Every broker offers expensive, slow bank wires, in addition to credit/debit cards. This rule applies at AvaTrade, but notably Canadian clients cannot use credit cards for financial transactions. AvaTrade has made Skrill, Neteller, and WebMoney available, but only for non-EU and non-Australian clients.

Select localized options may exist, and the AvaTrade back office lists all available methods which differs for individual traders dependent on geographical location. While seven withdrawal currencies exist, only the US Dollar and the Euro are options for international clients, with the remaining currencies only allowed for clients where the specific currency is the official currency.

For example, the British Pound is only available to UK residents.

Withdrawals must follow the deposit path in compliance with AML regulations, covering the deposit amount. Therefore, if you made a $1,000 deposit using your credit/debit card, you must request $1,000 as a withdrawal to the same card used for the deposit. Excess amounts can go to any available payment processor if the name matches that on the AvaTrade trading account.

AvaTrade notes that internal withdrawal processing times take between 24 and 48 hours, which is longer than many competitors. It adds that it takes an additional 24 hours to ten business days for clients to receive their funds, dependent on the payment processor used and the client’s geographical location. However, internal withdrawal fees are non-existent at AvaTrade, and there is no minimum AvaTrade withdrawal amount.

AvaTrade Withdrawal Option
Bank wires
Credit/debit cards
Internal withdrawal fees
No (third-party fees and currency conversion costs may apply)

AvaTrade Withdrawal Options

AvaTrade notes 5 withdrawal methods on its website, but some are geographically restricted. Bank wires are available to all clients, while credit/debit cards to everyone except Canadian traders. EU and Australian clients cannot use e-wallets, and AvaTrade notably does allow cryptocurrency transactions. The secure back office handles all financial transactions and lists every payment processor a verified client may use.

Most traders prefer e-wallets due to their low transaction costs, faster processing times, and usage for follow-on transactions. AvaTrade lists three e-wallets but notes the possibility of using localized methods without offering further details. These are likely bank-related options.

AvaTrade supports the following withdrawal options:

  • Bank wires (domestic and international)
  • Credit/debit cards (Visa and Mastercard)
  • Skrill (for non-EU and non-Australian clients)
  • Neteller (for non-EU and non-Australian clients)
  • WebMoney (for non-EU and non-Australian clients)

AvaTrade favors bank-related transactions, but positively, it does not levy internal withdrawal fees, and there is no AvaTrade withdrawal minimum. However, traders may face potential third-party payment processor costs and currency conversion fees.

The AvaTrade withdrawal processing time takes between 24 and 48 hours. However, AvaTrade is one of the most trusted brokers, so traders must weigh the relative importance of security over speed.

For context, it may take a few extra days to receive a withdrawal, but it is all but guaranteed to arrive.

AvaTrade Withdrawal Fees

While deposits are generally free of charge, withdrawals can incur fees, especially bank wired and credit/debit card transactions. AvaTrade does not levy internal withdrawal costs, but traders may face third-party payment processing charges in addition to potential currency conversion fees, depending on the account base currency and the currency of the payment processor. Traders should check with their bank to receive a cost breakdown for bank wires and credit/debit card transactions, as AvaTrade prefers these over the other options.

Traders who plan to use their AvaTrade withdrawal for follow-on transactions, like paying bills or for general consumption, should also check transaction costs or fees from their e-wallet to the destination of funds. This approach helps to calculate the most suitable and cost-efficient individual option.

Below are the AvaTrade withdrawal fees for each withdrawal method (excluding third-party costs and currency conversion fees):

  • Bank wires - $0
  • Credit/debit cards - $0
  • Skrill - $0
  • Neteller - $0
  • WebMoney - $0

The average withdrawal time for the AvaTrade withdrawal methods (excluding internal withdrawal times, which are 24 to 48 hours at AvaTrade):

  • Bank wires - Up to 10 business days
  • Credit/debit cards - Up to 5 business days
  • Skrill - 24 hours
  • Neteller - 24 hours
  • WebMoney - 24 hours

AvaTrade supports the following withdrawal currencies:

  • Bank wires - AUD, USD, GBP, EUR, CHF, JPY, ZAR
  • Credit/debit cards - AUD, USD, GBP, EUR, CHF, JPY, ZAR
  • Skrill - USD, EUR
  • Neteller - USD, EUR
  • WebMoney - USD, EUR


  • The USD and EUR are available withdrawal currencies for all clients
  • The AUD, GBP, CHF, JPY, and ZAR are only available to traders from countries where these currencies are the official currency

Steps for Sending the Minimum Withdrawal

Only verified accounts may request an AvaTrade withdrawal, and the payment processor must match the name on the AvaTrade trading account. The secure back office handles all AvaTrade withdrawal requests, and helpfully features a user-friendly interface.

Below are the AvaTrade withdrawal steps:

1. Log into your trading account with your e-mail address and password.

2. Click on “Withdraw Funds” in the left-hand menu and then click “Withdraw Your Funds” from the expanding menu.

3. Select your payment processor, the trading account you wish to withdraw from, and the desired withdrawal amount (make sure you have sufficient free margin to cover your AvaTrade withdrawal).

4. If you have more than one credit/debit card on file, you can select where AvaTrade will send the funds, but traders must withdraw the initial deposit amount to the same card. Clicking “Submit” sends the AvaTrade withdrawal request to the finance department.

5. AvaTrade notes that internal withdrawal times vary between 24 and 48 hours. It will send an e-mail once it processes the request, and the payment processor will also send a notification via e-mail, text message, or app, once your funds arrive.

AvaTrade Withdrawal Conclusions

AvaTrade is one of the most trusted brokers and honors all withdrawal requests. It does not levy internal fees, and there is no AvaTrade minimum withdrawal amount, but it does prefer bank-related transactions. All traders may use bank wires, while AvaTrade lists three e-wallets for non-EU and non-Australian clients. Credit/debit cards are available options for everyone except Canadian traders. However, notably, AvaTrade does not support cryptocurrencies.

Internal processing takes between 24 and 48 hours, which is slower than some competitors. Only the US Dollar and the Euro are withdrawal currencies for all traders.

However, AvaTrade allows the Australian Dollar, the British Pound, the Swiss Franc, the Japanese Yen, and the South African Rand for traders from countries where these are the domestic currencies. Traders do benefit from AvaTrade’s reliable reputation in the withdrawal process, but the platform trails brokers who follow the modern standard for speed, supported payment processors, accessibility, and withdrawal currencies.

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What are AvaTrade’s withdrawal methods?


AvaTrade lists bank wires, credit/debit cards, Skrill, Neteller, and WebMoney as supported payment processors. Please note that AvaTrade prohibits EU and Australian clients from using Skrill, Neteller, and WebMoney, and Canadian traders cannot use credit cards.

How much is the minimum withdrawal with AvaTrade?


There is no minimum AvaTrade withdrawal amount, making the minimum amount dependent on the available balance and payment processor.

How do I withdraw all my money from AvaTrade?


Traders must close all open positions and have a 100% cash balance before they can request a complete withdrawal from the secure back office. Please note that the deposit amount must follow the same path. For example, if a trader has deposited $2,000 via credit/debit card and has $2,300 to withdraw, $2,000 must go to the credit/debit card used for the deposit, and the rest can go to any available payment processor in the name of the trader.

How long do AvaTrade withdrawals take?


The internal AvaTrade processing time is 24 to 48 hours, which is slow by modern standards. It may take an additional 24 hours to ten business days for traders to receive their AvaTrade withdrawal, which depends on the payment processor used and geographical location of clients.

What are AvaTrade’s withdrawal fees?


AvaTrade has no internal withdrawal fees, but traders may face potential third-party processing costs and currency conversion fees.

Does AvaTrade let you withdraw?


AvaTrade ranks among the most trusted withdrawal brokers and has no verifiable claims of withdrawal issues.

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