Triangle Chart Patterns in Forex

One of these complex yet beneficial techniques is the triangle. As a continuation pattern, the triangle is used to analyze ongoing market trends. This ubiquitous shape appears when there is indecision about which way the market will move next. Skillful analysis of trends and their direction is one of the most important aspects of technical analysis. This article will explain how The Triangle-Precise Entry works and how you can use it as an effective trading strategy in the Forex market.

What Is a Triangle Chart Pattern?

A triangle is one of many types of chart patterns depicting price formation. By using triangle chart patterns, a person can form an inference about whether a trend will rise or fall. This allows them to time their investments to receive maximum profits.

The triangle pattern is named after the distinct triangle shape that forms when a market faces resistance instead of clearly rising or falling. At that moment, the future of the trend is uncertain. A sudden rise or drop in interest will break the triangle and determine if an investor made the right choice.

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What Does the Triangle-Precise Entry Tell Us?

It may be hard to believe that such a simple shape can be a deciding factor in Forex trading, but it is! When a trend chart shows a triangle, a skilled investor knows it’s time to make a difficult decision. The sake of their financial future may rely on properly analyzing this deceptively simple pattern.

By carefully analyzing a triangle pattern, an investor can make their best prediction of whether a trend will soon rise or fall. It can even help infer to what degree the change will occur. This not only tells traders when to invest but also how much. (Like any other method, the triangle pattern is simply an analysis tool, not a guaranteed predictor.)

How Does the Triangle-Precise Entry Work?

Analysts examine a chart of a trend’s recent activity. They follow two trendlines until they meet at a single point, forming a triangle. This triangle is a form of entry because it indicates a pause in the trend.  From there, you can decide if you want to continue along the breakout toward a certain target or exit at signs of stalling. Mapping a trend’s data can result in a descending, ascending, or symmetrical triangle. Let’s take a closer look at what these triangle patterns mean for your Forex trading strategy.

  • Symmetrical Triangles - A symmetrical triangle is a good starting point for using this strategy. These triangles depict neutral continuation. While this may sound unexciting, the true potential of a symmetrical triangle is indicating that the next breakout or breakdown will be massive. The longer this pattern holds out, the larger the upcoming change will likely be.

How do you use this to your advantage? Study the trend’s pattern before the triangle began. If the market was most recently bullish, chances are higher that the next massive change will be a breakout. However, if the trend was bearish before the triangle, it will likely experience a significant breakdown.


  • Ascending Triangle Pattern - An ascending triangle pattern is what every trader hopes to see. This form indicates that despite the market’s indecision, the trend is still performing favorably. As a result, when the triangle breaks, it will most likely be bullish.

How do you detect an ascending triangle pattern? After converging two trendlines, the top line should be flat, indicating little resistance. Meanwhile, the bottom line should rise to the top line, demonstrating that the market has growing support.

  • Descending Triangle Pattern - Contrary to an ascending form, the descending triangle pattern suggests a bearish outlook. The top line sinks downward to show increasing resistance. As it approaches, the bottom line remains flat. This indicates that the market’s support is stagnant or even dropping.

Most investors would be wise to avoid trading during this time. However, you can still use a descending triangle pattern to your advantage. Sometimes, trends have a predictive nature of small descending triangles followed soon by ascending triangles or symmetrical triangles that lead to impressive breakouts. If you notice your trend tends to do this, you should keep an eye on the current descending market to be ready when the next change occurs.

Identifying the Triangle-Precise Entry in Forex Trading

You now understand the different types of triangle patterns, but how do you know when to set your entry point? It may take some trial and error to perfect this strategy, so begin with smaller markets. Usually, your entry point should be during an ascending triangle pattern. However, if you’re an expert at analyzing market trends, you can benefit from entering during symmetrical triangles. It is rarely profitable to enter during a descending triangle pattern unless you are certain an outside factor will suddenly decrease the market’s support and add resistance.

Using the Triangle-Precise Entry as a Trading Strategy

In Forex trading, the goal is always to exchange a lower-value currency for a higher-value one. The world market fluctuates, making it crucial to time your exchanges to ensure the best results. This is where the triangle strategy helps. By analyzing the triangles that appear in the data for a certain currency’s market, you can determine if that currency is worth trading or if you should consider another option. The strategy can also suggest how long you should wait to enter the market if you predict a large breakout coming soon.


You should now have the tools you need to begin using the triangle pattern strategy in Forex trading. Of course, the best way to learn is through experience. Begin testing the strategy on low-risk markets until you feel confident enough to tackle larger ones.

Triangle Chart Patterns FAQ's 

How Reliable Is the Triangle chart Pattern?

Despite seeming simplistic on the surface, the triangle pattern is one of the most reliable methods of analyzing market trends. However, that does not mean it’s always accurate. Any analysis tool is only meant to help guide your decision. People can be unpredictable, and what looked like a sure breakout may result in a devastatingly bearish outlook. Trading is always a risk no matter how reliable your strategy is.

How Do You Enter a Triangle Pattern?

After analyzing a market’s recent trend data, identify any occurring triangles. Entering during a descending triangle pattern is usually a poor decision. Most investors choose to enter when a triangle ascends, which suggests an upcoming breakout. It can also be beneficial to enter during a symmetrical triangle pattern if you believe it will result in an exceptional breakout.

How Valid Is Triangle Breakout?

Experts have been using and perfecting the triangle method for decades. While no pattern can act as a crystal ball, you have a higher chance of success by investing when a triangle indicates an upcoming breakout.

What Should Be the Target of a Triangle Breakout?

To get your target, calculate the height of the triangle and add or subtract it from the breakout price. This can give you a rough idea of the profit target, but it is not guaranteed.

What Does a Triangle Mean in Forex?

A triangle is a shape that forms when you converge the top and bottom trend lines of a market. The triangle can have several varieties, and each one indicates something different about the continuation pattern. In Forex, these triangles can help determine the best time to exchange for a certain currency to maximize profits. Team
The team is comprised of analysts and researchers from around the world who watch the market throughout the day to provide you with unique perspectives and helpful analysis that can help improve your Forex trading.

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