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  • Regulation : CySEC, ASIC, FSB
  • Country : South Africa
* Ranked #10 of 315 in DailyForex's top broker list


Website :
Established : 2008
Country : South Africa


  • Demo Account Available
  • Choice of Trading Platforms
  • Excellent Customer Support


  • Only One Trading Account

Markets User Reviews

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  • vanyoelle12

    I have to come out of the dark to help traders. With my Binary option and Forex strategies, I have made profit in the past 3 years and now I make £20,000 every week. After changing a lot of strategies, I and my associates have decided to share this one since it's a success. It is the least I can do for beginners or people who have lost much to binary options and are looking for the right strategy which I am willing to help for free. Email me via my email for help.

    vanyoelle12 February 2018
  • miguelramos

    Indeed, they have a lot of free education material on their website. Very useful!

    miguelramos May 2016
  • vovkfx

    A lot of advertising, big bonuses, free education courses, all these are available only in bucket shops, If you want to trade with confidence, choose true ECN brokers with solid licenses

    vovkfx January 2016
  • briks

    With all that is happening in the Forex market, I feel very safe with It has always been reliable and I have never had any problem withdrawing money or placing a trade. I just hope nothing happens to it now.

    briks January 2015
  • fxhourly

    For gkaraan: I understand your concerns about this broker very well. They are definitely not the best option, as far as broker companies are concerned, that exist out there. Any broker that pushes you to make a deposit with them, enticing you with appealing bonuses in the process, is not worthwhile. Simply put, you are just another "number" for them, and nothing more than that. Any reputable broker company should be able to provide you with a demo account, not matter if you are planning to make a deposit with them or not down the line.

    It seems that this broker is more worried about the marketing aspect of their company, than the actual educational aspect of it.

    Just my 2 cents!


    fxhourly December 2014
  • user580189

    I agree with user580189. I have had an account with for many years and every time they update their site, it is better than the last one. I really like the company and I hope I can continue to trade there.

    user580189 November 2014
  • gkaraan

    i registered on their website after seeing an advertisement to start trading with 25USD as a registration bonus for and without the need to make a deposit.
    i received a phone call from their representative saying that he will be my account manager and he promised to provide me with training materials and trading tips if i make a deposit.
    when i asked him about the 25USD registration bonus, he replied that it is only an advertisement to attract people, and that Markets doesn't distribute money. but if i make a deposit he could give a 25USD bonus.
    this statement raised my suspicions about this company who promised a registration bonus without making a deposit, and after registering they didn't keep their word.
    their representative keeps on calling me and sending me emails to pressure me to make a deposit, by promising bonuses on deposits.
    when i informed him that i prefer to start with a demo account to test the company's services, his reply was that Markets doesn't provide demo accounts, and it isn't in the company policies.
    this sounded extremely strange! because on the company's website the Demo account is available, and it was also mentioned in one of the emails he sent me.

    this sounded very strange to me, and i lost my trust in this company.
    to be fair, my personal experience with this company is only based on their misleading advertisements and the phone calls received from their representative in Dubai.
    maybe the company is good and only their representative canceled my registration bonus and was trying to pressure me to make a deposit to secure for himself a commission.
    or maybe the company complete hoax.
    i don't know, but i am very disappointed.

    gkaraan October 2014
  • Stephen

    I loved the website at Markets. It is tres colorful and lively. It made enjoy scrolling through all the interesting pages and setting up an account was easy. Now I hope I make some money.

    Stephen October 2014
  • alexaEl

    This is a great broker. Stop complaining.

    alexaEl September 2014
  • roslan

    I do not follow all your talk but I know I made money with this broker. I spoke to a rep several times and always got a good answer. So sorry you are unhappy.

    roslan February 2014
  • fxhourly

    For carolyn: I don't know about you, but I will tell you the following: If for you it's ok to lose money most of the time and then recoup just "part of it", that means that you are really an amateur in this field. That kind of mentality is proper of people with a clear lack of knowledge about the Forex Market. Although that's your business, not mine.

    PS: Just for you to know, this broker, that you clearly endorse as I can realize, has had many scam accusations from clients in many forums, some of them opened so far.

    PPS: From what I can tell, you are clearly the one who don't know what you are talking about. Do your homework first, educate yourself in this field, and then post comments about my knowledge, as if you knew about me, ok? Don't show yourself as an amateur :-)


    fxhourly January 2014
  • carolyn

    The last two comments about the review seem way off base and it sounds like a guy who didn't know what he was doing and lost some money. Then he goes and faults the brokerage.

    The trading platform works well for me and I know that the brokerage has a great reputation for being trustworthy and knowledgeable. We all lose money most of the time but at I was able to recoup at least part of my money. I found their customer support very helpful and their analysis certainly came in useful.

    carolyn December 2013
  • fxdaily

    Let me tell you that this is onw of the worst brokers I've seen in the Forex Market. Their customer support is really childish, the people there are not prepared to answer your questions accordingly. Their platform are unstable; they constantly show a lot of glitches inside of them. Their spreads are way too high compared to other brokers. Their rollovers are wrongly calculated in many ocassions. The webinars that they offer inside their website are really unhelpful and with poor content. It's really a shame that a crappy broker like this could still be operating in the market. It's really a mess in every sense of the word. That's my honest opinion.

    You'd better stay away from this garbage broker.

    Warm regards!

    fxdaily December 2013
  • ErrolMargolis

    I always read the reviews before choosing a broker. The review was great and I loved seeing their new website with all the new and old features. Best of luck to them.

    ErrolMargolis July 2013
  • Mandy

    The review covered everything about the company. One of the most important things I looked for is that it is regulated by a real agency and not a fake one.

    Mandy July 2013
  • SylviaMiller

    Yeh, there are many scams that can be possible. I haven't read about any of them but there is always a possibility there can be one and that it will pop up sometime later on.

    SylviaMiller July 2013
  • ItchyCabonel

    I'm so pleased with and want more people to join us. So tell all your friends about the company so they can trade with them.

    ItchyCabonel July 2013
  • sayedatalah

    Some people just don't like the reviews and always find something bad to say about it. They will always say bad things about any review if they lose money. Get a life.

    sayedatalah June 2013
  • layepayerrons

    This broker is very iffy and I also thought at first it was a scam. I'm still not so sure about it.

    layepayerrons June 2013
  • Bobbie Katoa

    I tried contacting them to ask them a question and they didn't answer so quickly. I thought at first this was a scam but then they finally came online. They told me they were very busy.

    Bobbie Katoa June 2013
  • BarbaraSmith

    Yeh, you're right. There are always people who blame others when things go wrong. Blaming for losing money doesn't make any sense.

    BarbaraSmith June 2013
  • borwez

    I just read the review and it says it like it is. I've been using as my broker for years now and have made quite a bit of money. I really love being able to choose between a fixed or dynamic spread. I never saw that anywhere else.

    borwez May 2013
  • helmi has a great new website. I loved navigating across all the pages. And it was simple to access whatever information I needed. Thanks

    helmi May 2013
  • rowingfull

    Me gustaria tener contacto con algun Chileno que opere con G F C Markerts

    rowingfull December 2010
  • Booba

    very promising broker. honest with it's traders

    Booba October 2010

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