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  • Regulation : ASIC, FCA
  • Country : United Kingdom
* Ranked #5 of 315 in DailyForex's top broker list


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Established : 1999
Country : United Kingdom


  • Tight spreads, as low as 0.5 pips
  • 24/5Customer Support
  • Training tools & research


  • ($300 acct is available)
  • (we offer access to training tools & research)

FXCM User Reviews

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  • gnielson75

    I've been trading forex for over 5 years now. When I started off, I was using FXCM's demo account which was intuitive and easy to use. I think it's a great account for beginners.

    gnielson75 December 2017
  • EdnaParker

    I agree with Michael. The FXCM demo account is one of the best things about this broker. I've had lots of fun using it. I didn't make any money of course but it's been a blast.

    EdnaParker July 2013
  • MichaelSolomon

    I want to answer some of the old comments I saw about FXCM demo account. I can't believe people aren't happy with it. This demo account is the best thing since sliced bread. I've been using it for months now and it really taught me a lot.

    MichaelSolomon July 2013
  • LionelGordon

    I didn't know about FXCM Uk until my friend told me about it. It's lovely and I am truly enjoying it.

    LionelGordon July 2013
  • ConstantineOgor

    Bloody right, you are. FXCM Uk is absolutely fantastic.

    ConstantineOgor July 2013
  • AhmedMalmah

    I was using FXCM Canada and want to say that they are very efficient and taught me a lot.

    AhmedMalmah July 2013
  • DannyGrannet

    The FXCM trading station helped me to make trades where I made some money. It's easy.

    DannyGrannet July 2013
  • JoseRodriguez

    Thanks for all the tips for using the FXCM mt4 platform. It's got to be one of the best in the industry and I've managed to make some money

    JoseRodriguez June 2013
  • GilaLawrence

    FXCM Australia is fantastic. It's so great to have a local broker here and FXCM Australia offers me everything I need. I'm soooo happy.

    GilaLawrence June 2013
  • ElizabetJamison

    Excellent broker. There is a reason why they are the only broker that went public and began trading on the NYSE

    ElizabetJamison June 2013
  • MarybethLondon

    FXCM has some great features. Its forex trading station offers so many choices I don’t know which one to invest in. Need some help. Anyone have any experience with this that can help me?

    MarybethLondon June 2013
  • SimonCarter

    I just read the FXCM review and it was really much too long. It's nice to know a lot about the broker but it could have been much shorter.

    SimonCarter June 2013
  • BernieCachinga

    You're nuts. The more you know about a broker the better it is. Then you won't lose any money. The FXCM review taught me a lot.

    BernieCachinga June 2013
  • RoyHarrison

    I can’t get over this brokerage. No wonder it’s one of the top forex companies in the world. Which other broker gives me access to their forex trading station from any computer in the world? I can trade all day and all night and my trades actually get executed! E for excellent.

    RoyHarrison May 2013
  • ConstantineOgor

    I think this FXCM demo account is the best in the world. I can do as much buying and selling I want for many months and not have to pay anything. It is lots of fun!

    ConstantineOgor April 2013
  • wilsonyang

    unable to open a demo account >.<

    wilsonyang November 2011
  • charlesd

    I have been using FXCM for 18 months.

    My advice is simple.

    Do not use their Mt4 platform for live trading. It is unstable.

    Mt4 connects to FXCM via a bridge with Boston Technology. This means that 'open' orders disappear in the synchronization process, execution is often slow and at times the interface can hang for up to 5-15 minutes depending on news events and volatility.

    So, if you plan to trade seriously and eventually with size, find another mt4 broker.

    On top of all this, FXCM takes no responsibility for technology issues and while their customer support has been good at times, when it really counts they fail to deliver.

    Their proprietary Trade Station platform is more stable but lacks features and has an awkward interface.

    Given the wide spreads and brokerage you pay FXCM, I would expected more from them.

    I doubt that a perfect broker exists but you can most certainly do better than FXCM.

    charlesd September 2011
  • Greg

    I have both demo and live accounts with FXCM an yes the demo does not trade like the live account. However I am testing to see if this it true with other brokers as well. They also claim to have pip spreads as low as 1 pip so to be honest you'll almost never see that, 2 and above yes. They do have an iPhone app and well what can I say it needs help (no trailing stops and limited to a 5 min chart). Now for the good FXCM offers multiple classes durning the day for new and advanced traders and I can't say enough good things about those. They also have a huge library of recored classes and PDF books that are very helpful to traders. Calling support was not speedy but I was able to reach the trade desk to correct the problem in a reasonable amount of time.

    Greg July 2011
  • lisahenry

    Good stuff! FXCM has many major banks quoting them prices, in return there are competitive spreads, even during market-moving news events.

    lisahenry June 2011
  • lisahenry

    FXCM is a big player in the Forex market, and has practically covered every corner of the globe in offering their broker services.

    lisahenry June 2011
  • Bruce Wayne

    You are right..somone else will make money on your trades..FXCM!!!

    Bruce Wayne February 2011
  • 3 yrs forextrader

    I wish I would have read this forum before I went with the FXCM platform. I'm trading on two platforms at the same time and I lose on FXCM and win on the other on (out of US account). Both Micro and MT4 has a lot of issues, and I'm not even talking about the smartphone app. The most dissappointing is the Micro trading platform II. That thing is just inaccurate, and somehow just so smartly created that you can't profit. I could call it a gambling mashine, haha I uninstalled it 3 times because I got so mad at it. and now time has come to uninstall it again. Oh well, someone else will earn money on my trade.

    3 yrs forextrader January 2011
  • Larry Folson

    FXCM, is an excellent Broker. I use them and is one of the best for new traders ti start with.

    Larry Folson February 2010
  • Larry Folson

    FXCM, is an excellent Broker. I use them and is one of the best for new traders ti start with.

    Larry Folson February 2010
  • arungiri


    arungiri October 2009
  • Forexbody

    I did not mention that the previous review of FXCM sounds like a paid FXCM employee, but he made it so obvious.

    Forexbody July 2009
  • Forexbody

    If someone asks me what is the best trading platform in the world my answer would be FXCM's standard and micro platforms, on the other hand if some one asks me what is the worst Forex trading platform in the world my answer would be FXCM's Active Trader web based platform. Why? Because the latter is designed to rip you off and burn your money, they have demo accounts as well for this platforms all you have to do is try it and you will discover how you will be misled to open a live account with them that will not behave like the demo account that you liked in any way. delayed quotes as long as 3 seconds with a normal connection, you would get up to 6 seconds of delay on dial up. what that means is that you will be asked for a requote many times with every order, or you would setup the platform to allow untolarable amount of slippage. My friend lost 25k in his live account. Stay away.

    Forexbody July 2009
  • janus

    Im using fxcm, is a good one, i haver over 3.5 years trading forex, and i have 6 months using fxcm, low spreads most of the time (high spreds on market special conditions), excellent customer service, and execution guaranteed on your trades,lower rollovers, decimal pips, and now they have a micro account starting with 25 usd, being honest, this is one of the best forex brokers, try them!

    janus June 2009

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