Buy Trading Robots in the MQL5 Market


Nearly every trader has heard of the MetaTrader4 trading platform, one of the most respected and popular trading platforms available, and one that is offered by over 450 Forex brokers worldwide. But MetaTrader4 isn’t the only accomplishment of the famed MetaQuotes Software Corp. – in fact, the company is constantly developing new trading technologies and services that enhance and improve the way trading takes place – and a notable one is the MQL5 Market, which provides the trader with an opportunity to buy a variety of trading tools such as indicators, robots, scripts, and other trading assistants for trading terminal MetaTrader 5. The service is free to anyone subscribing to MetaTrader5 platform.

A Bit About the MetaTrader5 Platform

MetaTrader5 was released in June 2010 and is the latest version of MetaQuotes Software Corp.’s trading platform. This is a built-in platform which expands the number of products that are available for trading to include stocks and commodities. Upon the launch of the MetaTrader5, the MQL5, a new version of the programming language, was also launched.

As a trading platform, the MetaTrader5 client trading terminal differs in a number of ways from its predecessor, and the MQL5 Market widens these differences considerably. First of all, the marketplace is very easy to use. The applications are divided into specific sectors with clearly delineated free and paid applications. A manual sorting option makes it possible to select the correct products according to their price, familiarity and several other criteria. And there is a wide range of software products including Tick Price indicators, Multi Timeframe Mapping and Freak Junior systems, so that there truly is something for every trader.
Traders can choose the best applications both by reading descriptions of the product and by viewing screenshots of the service, so that they can know with near certainty that their choice will be useful. A potential buyer can use a free demonstration to test any indicator or trading robot. This gives them the opportunity to evaluate each product’s performance before making a selection.
Marketplace Security

Purchasing a product from the MQL5 Market is entirely straightforward. The MQL5 Market has its own payment system which allows conducts all transactions directly through it. MetaQuotes developers clearly worried about security (as they are with every product they develop) and each transaction uses a secure connection to SSL-protocol and the mandatory payment confirmation via SMS. In fact, all operations are strictly governed by the rules of service. Vendors of software products must be registered for a real-time check of their contact information, and they must provide testing of proposed applications.

In order to place an order, the buyer has to register on the site and deposit funds in any of a number of different manners. Any product that has been ordered and paid for is available immediately in the terminal trader. Each program has its own unique security code for installation so that the product will work only the buyer’s platform. It will, however, work on three computers at once.

There’s no question that choosing a platform based on speed of execution and the comfort of its design is critical – and that MetaTrader5 offers many positive attributes in these regards. But with the launch of the MQL5 Marketplace, the MetaTrader5 platform blows its competitors (including the MetaTrader4) out of the water, and opens the world to a revolutionary way to trade Forex with the tools and indicators each trader needs to succeed. 

Registration for the MQL5 Marketplace can be done here.

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