Daily Forex Blog Reviews: The FOREXYARD Blog

By: Hillel Fuld
In this week's Forex blog review, we reviewed a leading Forex blog, which might just occupy the top spot in the Forex blogesphere.
The FOREXYARD blog is written and maintained by the actual traders so the information you are reading is as updated and accurate as can be. The senior editor who is responsible for the content is Gregg Holden. In addition to Gregg, there are 6 other bloggers who write on topics ranging from analysis, news, or general articles.

The bloggers are encouraged to add their personal take on the content, which is in essence what makes the
FOREXYARD blog a blog, as opposed to a regular site with Forex content. The following is the interview I conducted with Gregg.
1: Please tell us a little bit about yourself including your name, your profession, and your location.

"My name is Greg Holden and I am the acting Chief Market Analyst and Editor of
FOREXYARD's Market Analysis Center. I studied Political Science and Economics for my undergraduate work, followed by an MA in History directly thereafter". 

2: How long have you been involved in the Forex market?
"I have been directly involved in the forex market since 2008 and have worked diligently in climbing my way to the top of the Analysis Center here at FOREXYARD".

3: How long have you been blogging?
"I have been blogging for
FOREXYARD for roughly 18 months during which time I was tasked with building our blog from the ground up, in addition to producing our daily analysis reports. I began by writing general articles on the forex market and then moved on to writing analysis, intended as an accurate and effective analytical tool fro our clients". 

4: Who is your primary audience?
"Anyone who is interested in what's happening in the forex (and spot commodity) market"! 

5: Why should someone read your blog?

"We try to provide the most accurate daily analysis possible in order to teach and inform our clients, with the end goal of making them profitable traders. Our articles are geared towards trading education and market forecasting".

6: In your opinion, what are the main advantages of the Forex market?

"Anyone who's taken 5 minutes to study the forex market can determine that its primary benefit is volatility and liquidity. Prices move rapidly in this market, making profits easy to come by; in addition, the fact that liquidity is higher in this market than any other means that your order will be filled almost instantly on most trading systems, whether you're buying or selling, opening or closing. No other market has this efficiency and that's what makes it so exciting!"

Conclusion: The
FOREXYARD Blog is a useful and impressive blog with relevant and updated information. They are always working on improving their platform with new features being added all the time. Some of the great features include a useful chat feature in which you can write to their trading experts in real time with questions or comments about their blog or Forex in general.

In addition, some of the blog posts now include charts and other technical indicators, which just adds to the important information provided by the



  1. Updated Hourly
  2. Wide Variety of Forex information
  3. Content written by market experts

Disadvantages: Less suitable for beginners

Final Words: The
FOREXYARD Blog offers a vast variety of crucial Forex information including Forex news, analysis, and trading tips. They invested what seems to be a lot of time in the site itself, which offers a modern and enjoyable experience, unlike some blogs we reviewed in the past.

The unique chat feature, which we have seen offered by Forex brokers, but never by Forex bloggers, threw me over the edge and made me a fan of the
FOREXYARD blog.   The FOREXYARD is a highly recommended Forex resource for Forex traders around the globe.