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CIMB Securities is a securities brokerage firm based in Singapore with offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, London and the United States that services for trading in equities and derivatives.  A review of this firm’s website tells us very little background information about the firm.  The website seems to be geared towards professional traders.  CIMB is predominantly an online institutional and retail broker focusing mostly on stocks. 

CIMB Offering

This firm offers several different products for traders.  CIMB’s offerings include equity investment, investment planning, trading, securities borrowing and margin financing facilities for equities in global markets.  They assign a dedicated agent or dealer to each client.

Trading Account

For securities trading CIMB requires customers to maintain a cash trading account (CTA).  There are 3 different options for opening a CTA with this firm.  They have accounts for Individuals, Young Investors and Corporations.  Each has specific forms that must be filled out regarding residency and other details.  Their website says that there will be a minimum required deposit but it does not seem to say what that deposit is. 

Margin Trading Account

Once a customer of CIMB has a cash trading account, he (or she) can open a margin trading account as well.  Traders with margin trading accounts need to maintain a minimum 140% margin in their account.  Another option that CIMB offers their customers who already have a CTA is called a security borrowing account.  This type of account allows clients to borrow securities to meet the delivery of a short sale or engage in hedging activity.  The lender allows the borrower to borrow in consideration of collateral and the securities are returned to the lender in a specified period of time or at the lender's demand.

Trading Platform

The trading platform used by customers of CIMB is i*[email protected]  The company maintains its own servers, and uses the OneKey Second Factor Authentication to secure your trading completely.  This platform has an all-in-one screen monitoring system with order placement.  This platform is available in a number of different mobile varieties and is accessible from Android and iOS devices.  i*[email protected] is available in a professional version as well, called i*[email protected] The pro version includes more advanced and sophisticated trading features for the professional trader.   Training seminars for these platforms are available when customers register through the brokerage website. 

Overall, this brokerage firm seems to offer a large variety of services at a very professional level.  Their website has a tremendous amount of information geared towards traders who know what they are looking for.  Online comparisons indicate that their commission rates are average as compared to their competitors.  During our CIMB review we didn’t find evidence of scams or complaints about this brokerage, a solid indication that it could be a reasonable choice for anyone looking for a local Singapore Forex broker.  

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General Information

Company Information

  • Broker's Name : CIMB Securities
  • Headquarter : Singapore
  • Regulation : None

Account Information

  • U.S. Clients Allowed : yes
  • Maximum Leverage : N/A

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