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This broker does not exist anymore. All of the active traders using AskObid's services were transferred to an alternative broker, which you can read all about in our XForex review here.

askObid is a new Forex broker that puts a strong emphasis on user experience. Their site is highly innovative and designed to perfection with all the information a trader would need available to them. AskObid is a feature-packed broker both in terms of their trading features as well as their overall offering.

AskObid's main attraction that separates them from the majority of brokers is their customizable, easy to use, Web-based trading platform. What this means to the trader is easy and flexible access to their trading environment from any Web-enabled computer anywhere in the world.

AskObid claims to recognize the importance of Forex knowledge, which is clearly an accurate statement if I am judging by the amount of resources invested in their Academy section. They offer traders a very informative and thorough education center, which would come in handy to new traders just getting started in Forex.
While I found the information there to be very useful, there were multiple sections in the Academy part of the site that were incomplete or empty, but being a new broker, it is understandable that the site is a work in progress.

AskObid is regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange commission and also complies with the MiFID.

In terms of askObid's advantages, the available payment methods are more flexible than any other Forex service I have encountered. The methods include all credit cards, debit cards, and more than twenty other possibilities. In terms of withdrawing funds, askObid makes it very easy to get paid. All you need to do is click Withdraw in the platform and choose one of over twenty payment methods.

AskObid offers the standard 21 day free demo account, which is of course something every trader should take advantage of. The demo account has no limitations and it will enable you to get to know the trading environment as well as your own trading strategy.

The trader can also choose from one of three trading account types depending on trading style and available capital. The options are Silver, Gold or Platinum. The account types differ on various factors such as maximum deposit, spreads, personal trainers, access to webinars, mobile alerts, referral awards, and more.

In terms of the bonuses offered by askObid, they differ based on your trading account. For the Silver account, there is a 10% award on up to a $1,000 deposit. For the Gold account, there is a 15% award on up to a $15,000 deposit, and the Platinum account has a 30% award up to $30,000.

As you can see, askObid is a very impressive broker, but their most impressive feature is definitely their trading platform, which enables you to trade all the majors as well as gold and silver. In the platform, you can see what others are trading, enable one click trades, as well as completely customize the interface of the trading environment.

Once you open a new position, it is listed in your open positions, at which point you can add stop losses or take profits. The one thing I did not like so much was the defined 200:1 leverage, which cannot be adjusted.

In general, the platform is one of the most intuitive interfaces I have ever used. It is very user friendly and does not take long to master.

Additionally, askObid has great customer service in my tests with a highly responsive chat feature that I found to be very helpful and professional. They also have an online form to send them an email or the option to have one of their representatives call you back, all options I found to be effective and timely.

There really is a lot more to be said about askObid's service, such as their trading tools including market analysis and reviews, as well as their advanced financial calendar, but to sum it all up, askObid is a serious contender in the Forex market and one that with minimal work can become a leading force in this multi billion dollar industry.

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General Information

Company Information

  • Headquarter : Cyprus
  • Regulation :

Account Information

  • U.S. Clients Allowed :
  • Maximum Leverage : N/A

Pros and Cons

  • Informative Website
  • Education Center
  • Set Leverage
  • Incomplete sections on website

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rafael ruiz munoz

They are very good. They have sorted out my problems satisfactorily up to now and Iam a sort of newbie trader. They sort out any problem you have with them quickly. None the less, as with any brokers, you have to be careful in the sense that probably at some point the platform will be blocked or the market will be too quick to be able to execute your orders. These are the two main issues and they can happen with any broker and the risk has to be controlled. I think that there is a sort of Murphy Law in this trading business, if something can go wrong, it will go wrong, so be careful with these two issues. In the meantime, I wish askobid all the best as their platform is very easy to use for newbies. This is opinion today and I hope to think the same with time...

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