Name ZuluTrade
Established 2007
Country United Kingdom


  • High tech website design
  • Informative and responsive
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Name ZuluTrade
Established 2007
Country United Kingdom


  • High tech website design
  • Informative and responsive


ZuluTrade is not your usual Forex broker. It is a hybrid Forex Signal Provider and managed account network that facilitates the trade signals of the world’s best traders and automatically executes them in your personal broker account for free. is part of ZuluTrade Inc., a financial services company, headquartered in New York City, with its main operations based in Cyprus and offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Athens, Greece. Founded in 2007, it bridges the gap between valuable information in money markets and trade execution by converting the advice of some of the most professional and talented traders globally to a rapidly executed trade.

General Information

Founded: 2007
Minimum Deposit: $500 for Mini
Languages: 26 different languages

Before going into more detail, I want to point out that while doing the ZuluTrade review, I clicked on the ‘user guide’ tab and was pleased to find a user-friendly delineated table of contents that covered every topic you could possibly need to know. A click on any one of the items brought me immediately to the subject at hand which was then explained in a straight forward, informative manner.

How does it Work?

Here’s how ZuluTrade works: A Signal Provider is a ZuluTrade user, who trades either on a Demo or Live account. While this is taking place, ZuluTrade publishes his/her results and statistics publicly through the website. Each trading action performed in the provider’s account is sent to all ZuluTrade Demo and Live accounts in the form of a broadcast signal.

If a Signal Provider is recommending profitable trades, then more and more Zulutraders will add him in their portfolio. For every trade generated in a live account, ZuluTrade pays Signal Providers half a pip per lot. Half a pip usually varies due to currency fluctuations, but the weighted average could be around 4 dollars per trade per standard lot.

The ZuluTrade patented technology services two types of traders at the same time. Professional traders who want to prove their trading systems and build a client base will continue to monitor the market and place their trades in the standard manner. But it offers automatic trading for the trader who wants to be able to trade and sleep at the same time.

The service is free to the end user but ZuluTrade generates revenue by getting rebates from the handful of brokers that use their system and then shares those rebates with the Signal Providers. More and more brokers, including FXCM, iTradeFX, Avafx, and have begun using the ZuluTrade auto-trading system.

An interesting feature is ZuluGuard™which is an account protection feature that monitors each trader's behavior and automatically removes a bad trader when a radical trading strategy is detected

ZuluTrade Accounts

The easiest way to use ZuluTrade is to first open an account with a broker who uses the ZuluTrade system, such as AVAFX, and then open an account with Since ZuluTrade has no affiliation with these Signal Providers, anyone can become a Signal Provider with them. The end user can research and choose among hundreds of providers before deciding which Signal Provider has the best performance record, profit record, draw down risk, and percentage of winning trades. This performance track record is updated daily. Accounts can be opened in USD, JPY, EUR, GBP and AUD.

Setting up an account with ZuluTrade is quite easy. You can register online in no time at all and choose between a standard account and a mini account. ZuluTrade allows for up to 10 Signal Provider accounts with the same email address. Signal Providers’ performance is constantly ranked by ZuluTrade's ZuluRank algorithm and the ZuluTrade community, so that only the best Signal Providers appear on the top of their lists.

ZuluTrade Platforms

Signal Providers can place trades through the following ways:

The ZuluTrade Platform comes with a built-in web platform located at the ‘Trade’ tab; it is possible to open market trades, pending orders, and set Stop and Limit values by clicking on the relevant currency pair.

ZuluTrading API allows Signal Providers to manually open, manage and close trades. They can also configure their own algorithm instead of logging in to the Signal Provider account. A comprehensive step-by-step guide is provided for setting up the ZuluTrading API.

It is possible to link an external live or demo MetaTrader4 platform to a Signal Provider account. In this case the Signal Provider account becomes read-only and any trading activity that takes place in the MT4 account is copied over to the ZuluTrade account. The list of brokers compatible with Signal Provider accounts can be found in the Settings tab of the Signal Provider account or by contacting Support.

ZuluTrade offers providers the chance to host their trading strategy for free via ZuluTrade’s VPS service which is available only for Signal Providers trading via MT4 terminals.


An interesting feature I have yet to encounter with any other broker is that the ZuluTrade’s website can operate in two modes: Simple and Advanced. The Simple mode provides all information a novice user needs in order to Autotrade his account while the Advanced mode provides additional controls for the more experienced traders. Switching between the two modes is simple.

ZuluTrade offer traders use of their TradeWall service which allows you to see how other traders are trading at ZuluTrade. ZuluTrade’s economic calendar is comprehensive and clear and lists events happening around the world.

Multilingual Live Chat is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is also email support and phone support to 10 different countries.

All in all, I found to be user-friendly, informative and easily navigated.

25 User Reviews Add Comment
  • Dtraderru

    Very user friendly forex enviroment. Its very easy to get used to it and start trading with the help of other forex traders. It must be the busiest online forex community that i;ve found on web while searching for free trading signals. Good and professional company.

    Dtraderru September, 2012
  • Ds

    I've user zulutrade for over a year now and my overall verdict would be : It actually works! It took me some time before i managed to create a stable portofolio with over 7 traders inside , when i had loses i always had other providers compensating these losses and adding profit as well.

    Ds August, 2012
  • Frex

    Once i started it using it i became a little obsessed with trading and forex in general. Its a very inovative way of making money and more importantly , it works.

    Frex August, 2012
  • alberthos

    Very nice and transparent service. Everything is available in zulu for a user to find good traders. Me and my brother are making money every month and thats why i came here to write a good review , good services must be rated accordingly.

    alberthos August, 2012
  • 7646282

    if you want to be a signal provider, beware because if they dont wantthey do not pay - and make you all kind of trics

    7646282 April, 2012
  • Setcah

    Nice looking platform , first i tried their demo account for 20 days and then i opened a live account to try my luck with small amount of money. I really love the ability to fully customize my account , setting risk limits , stop loss targets. You feel really in control there. The only thing that bothers me is their slippage with my broker. I recommend it to anyone willing to test their luck in Forex market.

    Setcah January, 2012
  • tpatrick74

    Great service , my business partner showed me zulutrade and since then I’m pretty hooked. It takes time to find the best provider for you , but afterwards you will be greatly rewarded. Highly recommended.

    tpatrick74 January, 2012
  • aprancan

    zulu trade- profitable only when trust to reliable SP I found one- called like - ap-zulu
    I think it will come to top because it made a lot of pips per day instead of other provider .

    aprancan November, 2011
  • Dianna

    Dudes the best invention after peanut butter seriously seems to be Zulutrade!!! You can follow, copy other followers or trade yourself separately or in combination of the three. Though providers sometimes get a bit shaky and get off track but overall the system can get you some returns.

    Dianna November, 2011
  • antonio

    Ciao ragazzi!! If Zulutrade does not exist, I dont know how to trade forex. It makes me small gains every day but I happy with this:) Un fantastico sistema!!!

    antonio October, 2011
  • G.Travers

    New updates are very useful. There is also a new option that came out today - open trade chart with the numbers of open trades per day. Above the number pops up a window with info on the amount of daily profit with the corresponding date and number of open trades. The stat goes back from the beginning of the trading history of the provider showing each time the provider opened a trade.

    G.Travers September, 2011
  • GUSg

    Zulutrade is constantly upgrading. From this week live accounts are getting daily reports; providers are analyzed deeper with three new performance indications – weekly best/worst trade; ranking history chart and max open trades.

    GUSg September, 2011
  • GLamont

    I am very satisfied with the platform and the customer support. Besides all the great features like - tradewall, performance indicators, there is also the little bomb thing that indicates how long is each provider in the system and what accounts s/he has managed;risk apetite; the portfolio they have, etc. However, what I like the most is that we get this type of high leverage ;)

    GLamont September, 2011
  • apaipi22

    I am also using Zulutrade and am pretty much satisfied with the platform. Yes FX is risky, but somewhat zulutrade manages to combine and measures this risk via the rank it provides prior to each provider - this way you know the maturity (how long s/he has been trading), risk appetite and exposure, variation drowndown....not bad to have all in one number, eh ;)

    apaipi22 September, 2011
  • lm26172

    I love Zuluttade!! IT is so easy to use, and you don't really need to be a financial guru to use it. Moreover, the providers are more than enough to gain this extra cash. I really like the like the margin meter. Everytime indicates me where not to go. I have tried it with high % and with low and needless to say when % was too high I was loosing cash...I do not understand all the math and problems you are discussing above, but I am pretty satisfied with the indication. ALso it is great info of the risk appetite of the provider

    lm26172 September, 2011
  • FXeria

    Zulutrade is really an innovative platform, offering both to inexperienced and experienced traders-wanna-be an easy access to forex. I have tried the demo and auto-trading mode - both have suited me my urge to earn some extra cash with limited capital and limited losses. Great customer support as well!

    FXeria September, 2011
  • Olga

    What I like the most in zulutrade is that they make constantly new additions to their platform and their services. Have noticed their latest automatic allocation mode which automatically allocates number of lots to added providers. Especially for beginners I believe it is a very helpful service.

    Olga August, 2011
  • Mathias

    Autotrading platforms offer us the possibility to choose as many signal providers as we want (or our capital can stand :) and set for them different number of lots and trades. I have account in zulu. It is a matter of time to end up with a successful portfolio and a strategy that it really brings profit.

    Mathias July, 2011
  • andy

    Very good signal service, the leader in the market! I like the latest changes, like the alchemy and the improved ranking, along with the advanced search. They also added more broker so you have a wider choice. There is also an iphone/ipad application available so you dont need to be infront of a PC all the time.

    andy June, 2011
  • john

    Without Zulutrade, I could not trade forex on my own. In the past I have followed some bad signal providers but now I have learned from my mistakes and I can recognize a bad strategy of a system.

    john June, 2011
  • fxuk

    zulutrade has done major changes! added alchemy, where you can copy a live account's provider portfolio removed invalid performance stats, so ranking its at its best added more brokers changed the provider agreement, so reckless trading means no payment!

    fxuk May, 2011
  • Alexandr

    If you do the right research and use the correct settings, zulutrade is the best signal service out there!

    Alexandr December, 2010
  • ernest

    I think zulutrade is the best choice among autotrading platforms and for those starting at forex. Its difference is the ease of use and the reliability of the signal providers!

    ernest December, 2010
  • Chris

    Agreed with Townjet from Zulutrade-Top - Zulutrade is a minefield and you have to be very careful picking providers. Do your homework and read the available blogs out there.

    Chris October, 2009
  • JT

    Zulutrade "can" be good place to have someone send signals to your account. But there is a catch. You really need to investigate a signal provider before you use them. And even after investigation you never know when they may just change what they are doing. One thing I always tell people about Zulutrade is "These signal providers have a way to make money in the Forex market without taking any risk." They get .5 of a pip per lot you trade with them regardless if they make you money or not. Granted it is in their best interest to keep you as a customer. Zulutrade is not about the method or currency pair a signal provider uses, it is about their money management. Drawdown on a trade, how many trades they open up at a time, if they use a stop loss, etc. (P.S. always us a safe stop loss on Zulutrade). Visit my Blog for some ideas I look at when evaluating a signal provider.

    JT September, 2009

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