Name TradeWindowFX
Established 2005
Country United States


  • Daily trade signals given at 6GMT and valid for 5 hours, consistently
  • 14 day trial period for $10
  • 3 signal delivery methods users


  • There appears to be no live help or immediate chat featured available for assistance
  • No money management advice
  • No training
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TradeWindowFX Review

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TradeWindowFX Review

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TradeWindowFX is a Forex trading signals service that was founded in May 2005. Since that time, their services have expanded and now include daily market analysis, Forex trading education and real-time pattern confirmations. The website is available in English, Arabic, Spanish and Italian.

At TradeWindowFX, traders can receive signals about major Forex pairs—EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, and USD/JPY. Daily trade recommendations are sent out at 6:00 GMT just as the European session is beginning. This service is especially good for traders that trade the early European session.

Confluence Zones

Before the European session begins, TradeWindowFX sends their members a Daily Confluence Zones Report for the upcoming trading session with support & resistance levels that represent key “points of price instability.” This is where the traders at TradeWindowFX watch for a trade set up via technical patterns and candlestick confirmations.

The methodology used at TradeWindowFX is principally chartists and charts are used to determine their daily confluence zones along with price targets. They use the previous support/resistance, trend lines, high/lows, pivot points/zones, and key Fibonacci levels to anticipate the daily confluence zones.

The TradeWindowFX website is pretty basic and easy to navigate. Daily strategies for the five major currency pairs are posted daily along with technical analysis and a graph for a selected currency pair. Past performances are easily accessed by clicking on their archive button which appears on this page.


Education is important at TradeWindowFX and their Forex Trading 101 section is extensive and informative. I would have liked to see this material presented in a more organized fashion with the various topics divided into separate sections. One needs to scroll through a lengthy explanation to get to the bottom. As it is, however, the content is presented in an instructive and useful way and can be useful for novice Forex traders as well as more experienced ones. Signing up for a free Daily EUR/USD & Gold Strategy Report is offered on the landing page and all the other pages.

Additionally, they have a separate Trading Education section which offers more general tips for trading successfully and includes clear explanations for getting started at TradeWindowFX . I was disappointed to see that the only means to contact TradeWindowFX is through their online contact form. In today’s market, it is surprising to find a firm that does not offer live chat or a telephone service. I would like to assume these services are forthcoming.

All in all, I found TradeWindowFX to be a decent Forex trade signals provider offering basic signals services with none of the bells and whistles that other signal services tend to provide. Information on the website is readily available and signing up for the signal service is easy.

2 User Reviews
  • nuwayz

    10$ sounds like a good deal.

    nuwayz March, 2011
  • Neil A.

    For ten bucks you can't go wrong on a trial. You pay that for a movie these days. Even if I don't use the signals, I'm kinda curious about what they can do.

    Neil A. November, 2010

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