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As part of our high quality service to our customers, we have developed two very useful and innovative Forex tools. DailyForex has released a state of the art all-in-one Forex widget that offers Forex traders 12 unique features that will help them trade more efficiently. These include a pip calculator, Forex news, analysis, and much more. In addition, we recently introduced our Forex toolbar, which will keep Forex traders up to date with the most important information of the Forex market.

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Forex Tools
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The one-stop-shop for all your Forex needs just got even better with the release of our new All-in-One Forex Widget. The new widget is full of features with 12 different screens including Forex news, videos, analysis, reviews, and various Forex tools. Won Editor's Choice AwardIn addition, the widget can serve you and your Forex business loyally as it is fully customizable and easy to embed onto your site, enabling you to offer many Forex services to your readers.

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Forex Tools

Forex Tools

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Note: You need the latest version of Adobe Air to install the DailyForex desktop widget. Please click this icon and you will be automatically redirected to the Adobe Air download page.

DailyForex Forex Toolbar

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Forex Toolbar

Forex Toolbar


DailyForex Forex Toolbar includes our DailyForex All-In-One Forex Widget plus a variety of Forex services and resources.

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All-in-One Daily Forex Widget!

For Website managers and bloggers

To embed the Dailyforex All-In-One Forex Widget on your site, please see our Forex Widget and press Get Widget, then follow the instructions.