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The following are the most recent pieces of Forex fundamental analysis from around the world. The Forex fundamental analysis below covers the various currencies on the market and the most recent events, announcements, and global developments that affect the Forex market.

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Is Risk Appetite Really There? | 8/4/2010 12:45:00 AM

Rising inflation caused by higher food and energy costs and also the USD/JPY pair contributing to a weaker Dollar.

Initial Q2 Estimates Show The US Recovery Is Slowing | 8/4/2010 12:11:00 AM

Preliminary indications, issued by the US Department of Commerce, suggest that the US economy is slowing down.

World’s 8th Largest Economy Declares A Fiscal Emergency | 8/3/2010 12:31:00 AM

With a political standoff blocking the passage of a budget for more than a month and the funding to run the state drying up, the leader of the world’s eighth largest economy declared a fiscal emergency in a move to force passage of the budget.

Forex Aug 2nd: July And Last Week’s Trading Session Perspective | 8/2/2010 2:49:00 AM

Friday marked the last day’s trading in July. All of the markets ended the month higher than they were when it started.

Russia’s Economic Growth Gathers Pace | 7/30/2010 5:11:00 AM

Figures recently released suggest that the Russian GDP had grown to 5.4% in Q2, based on a year on year comparison. This performance was helped by a surge in demand from domestic consumers, according to its deputy economics minister, Andrei Klepach.

Better News Emerging From Europe | 7/29/2010 12:19:00 AM

The UK economy surprised many economists by putting on growth figures representing the UK’s best growth rate since 2006.

Is Japan’s Recovery Faltering? | 7/28/2010 12:24:00 AM

Recent figures reveal growth in Japanese exports, but the rate of growth is falling.

76.9% Of European Banks Pass the “Stress Test” | 7/27/2010 12:18:00 AM

The European banks stress tests had been designed to convince investors that EU financial institutions were built on firm foundation.

FOREX 26th July: The Last Week’s Trading Activities In Perspective | 7/26/2010 1:06:00 AM

On the currency markets last week, there was little fluctuation with all the major currencies remaining within ±1% of the previous week’s value.

What the Stress Test Hold for Euro? | 7/23/2010 1:13:00 AM

European Bank's Stress Test has been highly publicized and debated topic. The intrigue and mystery of the test has investors and common public on the edge of the seat.

Sick Celtic Tiger | 7/22/2010 12:17:00 AM

The term “Celtic Tiger” was coined to refer to Ireland's economy and the dynamism of their people, but all of that has faded into dream against the harsh reality of the global financial crisis.

Investor Doubts Cool American Exchanges | 7/21/2010 3:15:00 AM

Last week, the Dollar hit the lowest value that it has seen this year. The slump has been attributed to lacklustre company results and economic data that have emerged in the USA, recently.

Rate of Chinese Growth Slows | 7/20/2010 12:35:00 AM

Figures show that the rate of growth in the world’s third largest economy has slowed in Q2 from a whopping 11.9% in Q1 to 10.3% in the last quarter.

All eyes on Bernanke in bi-annual address to House & Senate | 7/19/2010 2:03:00 AM

It seems Mr. Bernanke has yet another tough job ahead of him given the scent of blood that suddenly and seemingly surrounds the USD.

FOREX July 19th: The Last Week’s Trading Activities In Perspective | 7/19/2010 12:28:00 AM

On the currency markets last week, the Dollar was the loser.