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Reserve Bank of Australia Acts To Stimulate Growth | 5/6/2015 9:39:50 AM

Arguably, Australia was the major economy least affected by the Global Financial Crisis. It managed to avoid a recession, but growth was cut significantly, of course and it was one of the first nations to tighten monetary policy by raising interest rates.

Eurozone Consumer Inflation Stops Falling | 5/5/2015 10:54:42 AM

Much has been made in certain circles of the risks of prolonged deflation in the Eurozone as a potential brake on domestic demand as patient Western Europeans hold off on large ticket item purchases in the hope that the costs will be reduced when eventually they do part with the hard-earned cash and buy them

Forex Week in Review | 5/4/2015 7:25:53 PM

Last week saw all of the world’s major markets losing ground, partially because of slowed growth in the USA (and UK).

Federal Reserve keeps Rates On Hold | 5/1/2015 10:33:34 AM

It ought to come as a surprise to nobody who follows the economic news, but the US Federal Reserve decided that its interest rates would remain unchanged after its latest two-day meeting.

USA’s Rate Of Economic Expansion Slows Dramatically | 4/30/2015 7:57:22 AM

Data for the initial estimate of US economic growth in Q1 2015 indicates that the brakes have firmly been applied to the US economy.

UK’s Rate Of Economic Expansion Halves | 4/29/2015 9:50:34 AM

The electorate of the UK will go to the poles on the 7th May and give their verdict on five years of government by the ruling Conservative party and their junior coalition partner, the Liberal Democrats.

Deutsche Bank Fined Over Libor | 4/28/2015 9:07:09 AM

The Libor scandal which came to light towards the end of the Global Financial Crisis, perhaps more than anything else, shows that elements of the financial world clearly believe that the rules governing criminal behaviour do not apply to them.

Forex Week in Review | 4/28/2015 8:59:02 AM

Last Friday marked the final session for April from the perspective of these summaries. All of the major markets closed higher.

UK Deficit Falls Faster Than Forecast | 4/24/2015 9:30:18 AM

Figures just released show that the government’s borrowing (to meet the deficit between the nation’s receipts and its expenditure) in March fell to £7.4 billion.

Greece Government To Call Cash Reserves | 4/22/2015 8:26:52 AM

Nobody is exactly sure when the Greek government will run out of cash to service its obligations – not just loan repayments, but the other cash requirements of a modern nation for public salaries and pensions, imports and so on.

Item Club Bullish About UK Economy | 4/21/2015 6:57:10 PM

The Ernst and Young ITEM Club has been producing economic forecasts for the UK economy for 25 years.

Forex Week in Review | 4/20/2015 2:16:02 PM

Last week saw all of the world’s major markets losing ground, partially, over concerns about the looming Greek debt crisis and its potential ramifications for the Euro. Time for a deal is running out and there are no signs that a solution is imminent.

Deflationary Fears Abate | 4/17/2015 8:00:17 PM

Ask any consumer if they are worried about falling prices and they will give you a bemused smile and say “no”. In the experience of most of us, falling prices are only ever a transient effect, a pleasant and fleeting surprise.

The Writing On The Wall? | 4/16/2015 7:44:36 PM

Even the Greek government accepts that without help from its Eurozone partners, it will be unable to meet all of its obligations.

IMF Sounds Cautious Note For 2015 Growth | 4/15/2015 3:00:00 PM

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is suggesting that global trade will see “modest growth” over the course of 2015.