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Chaos | 7/3/2015 12:04:24 PM

Appropriately enough, the etymology of the word “Chaos” stems from the Greek word “khaos” – meaning a vast void or chasm, originally.

Will Greece Leave the Euro? | 6/30/2015 4:44:22 PM

Opinion polls show that the Greek people want to remain within the Euro. It is probably also true that the Greek government desires to remain within the Euro. Find out what the expert traders at think about the current Greek crisis here.

ECB To Refuse Further Greek Liquidity | 6/30/2015 10:19:00 AM

With the dramatic events of Friday and Saturday still being considered, the European Central Bank (ECB) met on Sunday and decided that it would not extend Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA) to the Greek central bank above its current level of €89 billion.

Forex Week in Review | 6/29/2015 9:41:51 AM

Last week saw the final trading session for the week, the month and the quarter from the perspective of these summaries. Much of that time has been pre-occupied with the Greek crisis which seems to have come to a head now.

Exit Stage Left? | 6/29/2015 9:10:56 AM

Negotiations between Greece, the IMF and organs of the European Union came to a head on Friday. Most people had expected that some kind of 12th hour (it was that late) deal would be struck which would allow the left-wing Tsipras government to save face, but deliver some of the structural reforms that the major creditors had demanded

Greek Deal Remains Elusive | 6/28/2015 11:28:15 AM

The current Greek crisis was caused by the failure of the outgoing government to get its nominee for president approved within the permitted three attempts.

Eurozone Business Output Recovers | 6/25/2015 6:55:52 AM

Whilst all eyes are on Brussels and Athens for a conclusion to the Greek debt drama (with Tsipras seemingly trying to bite the hand that feeds him and new heights of brinkmanship being raised on a daily basis), the current scorecard for Eurozone business output (naturally including Greece) is out.

Nikkei Closes At Highest Level Since 1996 | 6/24/2015 7:09:34 PM

The nature of economics is cyclical, but anybody waiting for a definitive turn to the up-cycle after the global financial crisis could probably be forgiven for doubting it.

Forex Week in Review | 6/22/2015 9:59:08 AM

Last week was a mixed affair for the major stock markets with the US markets gaining and the rest slipping. Get the analysis for the week of June 22, 2015 here.

Fed To Raise Rates In 2015 – Definitely, Maybe… | 6/19/2015 8:26:02 AM

US interest rates have been held at near zero since 2008, so the speculation about a rise has rumbled on for seven years now.

Greek Central Bank Ups The Ante | 6/18/2015 6:21:19 PM

In most democratic nations the central bank is independent of government control since it is recognised that monetary decisions ought to be free of party political considerations.

German Inflation Up But Business Confidence Lower | 6/17/2015 12:32:12 PM

It looks as if Europe’s brief flirtation with falling prices is ending. Whilst demand for goods within the EU has been weak (certainly, in historical terms) which may have generated a modicum of deflationary pressure, the driver for deflation was the sharp decline in the price of crude oil.

S&P Downgrade UK Outlook | 6/16/2015 9:12:09 AM

Whilst all of the mainstream UK political parties want the nation to continue to be a member of the European Union, there must be a chance that the people will be unimpressed with whatever deal Prime Minister David Cameron can conjure up with Brussels and will vote to leave the EU.

Forex Week in Review | 6/15/2015 9:26:50 AM

Last week again saw all of the major stock markets fall with the exception of the Dow Jones. Get the analysis for the week of June 15, 2015 here.

Greek Deal Still Out Of Reach | 6/14/2015 11:29:02 AM

Unless Greece can reach a deal with its major creditors the IMF and the Eurozone before the end of the month it will be unable to pay its debts and will fall into a sovereign default.