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AvaTrade Partners with FutexLive to Provide Trading Courses

AvaTrade, an internationally-regulated Forex broker, has announced its partnership with FutexLive, an interactive online trader knowledge portal whose goal is to help traders learn how to trade profitably. FutexLive offers Forex learning at a quick speed to help traders develop an edge in their trading as soon as possible.AVATrade

FutexLive also offers live daily market analysis and educational classes that provide traders with an in-depth understanding of market movements, how to read technical charts and other topics that are critical for anyone who wants to become a long-term trader.

AvaTrade was launched in 2006 and has become one of the leading Forex brokers worldwide, with regulation in the European Union, Japan, Australia, South Africa and the British Virgin Islands. The brokerage offers currency and commodity trading, CFD trading and spread betting opportunities. To learn more, read our full AvaTrade review.

DailyForex App Adds Push Notifications for Price Alerts

The Company’s Android and iOS Apps Keep Traders Updated Around the Clock

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.Nov. 15, 2016PRLog — DailyForex, a company that provides currency traders with updates and analysis about the currency markets, has announced today the update of its Android and iOS DailyForex mobile application to include instant push notifications that will alert traders every time certain price triggers are hit.

DailyForex’s new alerts service sends immediate, easy-to-follow push notifications to all users when significant price events happen to the major currency pairs. The company’s trading team discovered that most typical, generic offerings are mainly indicator or news-based, and therefore they tend to simply generate noise rather than provide a real value to Forex traders. To solve this problem, the company’s talented technical team worked diligently with its daily traders to create a notification system that would be based upon real-time market triggers.

“Traders tend to find better success when they focus on the price and not lagging indicators,” said Adam Lemon, chief analyst at DailyForex. “I know that these notifications will help thousands of users, and I hope we can expand this feature soon to make it even more useful.”

The result was a push notification system based solely upon significant, relative price events which have been used for centuries as basic building blocks by professional traders to good effect. Each push notification has a direct headline that tells traders of the market action, which opens into a more detailed message explaining the significance of the price event.

About DailyForex

DailyForex was established out of a strong need for a Forex website that provides all the information necessary to become a successful Forex trader. DailyForex.com provides in-depth reviews of Forex brokers, signal providers, online and offline Forex courses, as well as Forex products. Our goal is to provide both new and experienced Forex traders with a set of clear and easy-to-use tools that will enable them to make educated decisions when choosing any type of Forex-related service.


Kawase Appoints New CEO

Kawase, a Forex broker that is based and regulated in Cyprus, is happy to announce the appointment of a new CEO, Alex Katsaros. With a BA in accounting and an MBA in finance, Mr. Katsaros bring with him both proper educational training and on-the-job experience that will should help him propel Kawase forward as a leading Forex brokerage.

Prior to joining Kawase Mr. Katsaros was the Head of Product Development for cTrader, the trading platform that is currently used by Kawase and many other Forex brokerages. Mr. Katsaros began his career as a professional trader and maintains numerous licenses and professional certifications including a CySEC advanced license and CISI’s Investment Management certificate.

About his recent appointment, Mr. Katsoras said: “I am very honoured and excited to expand our services and introduce Kawase’s ethos, transparency and great service to more clients around the globe. My vision is for Kawase to be the leading cTrader broker by leveraging our deep understanding of the platform. Our efforts will be focused around our core values: fairness, transparency, innovative technology and high quality support.”

The appointment coincided with the company’s recent rebranding and redesign efforts which have created a sharper, more intuitive website. The company’s efforts to provide top-notch technical solutions with an easy-to-follow website and top notch customer support make it a brand that is worth trying. To learn more about Kawase and its offerings, read our full Kawase review.

Is a High-Pressure Economy in the U.S.’s Future?

On Friday Federal Reserve President Janet Yellen told a conference of policymakers that a ‘high-pressure’ economy may be necessary to undo the damage caused by the 2008-2009 financial crisis that caused decreased output and decreased employment opportunities. Yellen’s comments caused swift reactions in the markets, with U.S. Treasury prices falling sharply and yields shooting higher for the third consecutive week. Analysts began to speculate that such high pressure policies could pose the risk of higher inflation even while improving the economy by creating more jobs and boosting consumption.

In conjunction with Yellen’s comments on Friday, stronger-than-expected U.S. economic data was released, with retail sales showing a rise of 0.6 percent in September, the strongest gain in four months. Producer prices also showed a rise better than expected on Friday, with a rise of 0.3 percent instead of the anticipated 0.2 percent increase. Following these reports, analysts remain largely hawkish for a December rate hike. The U.S. dollar index closed at six-month highs on Friday, closing at 99.997, fueled by Yellen’s comments and the data reports.

Despite the barrage of U.S. data out last week, traders are looking towards other currencies and reports in the coming week, including China’s Q3 GDP number, U.K. employment reports and the RBA minutes. The upcoming ECB meeting will also keep eyes glued to the euro, which has recently hit lows of 1.10 against the greenback. Personally, I’ll be happy to look away from the U.S. for a minute, both from the election drama and the ongoing rate hike saga. What are you looking towards next month?

FxPro Reverses Course, Raises Leverage Ahead of Brexit Vote

Bucking the trend put into place by most Forex brokers to raise the margin requirements on all trades in response to the upcoming Brexit referendum, FXPro has just informed its clients that they can trade this week at near-normal margin and leverage conditions. Continue reading

How to Trade when the Headlines Read like a Horror Story

Have you noticed that the latest global news headlines have been a cross between a comedy and a horror movie? Between planes going down, hundreds of thousands of refugees wandering the world, the threat of global terrorism, and indecisive Federal Reserve and an impending United States election with comical candidates, there’s a lot to read about but trade the news not necessarily a lot to trade about if you’re a news trader. In fact, if you you’re probably interested in more than just the announcements coming – and with good reason. There’s a lot going on, and a lot to be worried about looking towards 2016. But it probably doesn’t have much to do with the market. So what’s a trader to do?

Keep Things in Perspective

It’s not hard to get scared when reading about ISIS, even when you don’t live anywhere near the Middle East. But as a trader, it’s important to realize that while there is a lot of political unrest to be fearful of, it’s not likely to impact the markets in any significant way, at least not in the first quarter of 2016. The refugee crisis which some analysts fear may have more immediate financial repercussions is questionable at best. The refugees have currently arrived predominantly in Greece, and some in Germany. Greece’s economy is already floundering – the influx of immigrants certainly won’t help them, but considering that Greece hasn’t been a strong global player in the past few years, further weakening won’t likely have global repercussions. Germany, on the other hand, has a fairly strong economy and a leader that seems to have plans for the migrants, making the thread of financial instability less worrisome than doomsday-seekers might think.

Stay Focused

For traders, the problems going on in China may be bigger than the threat of ISIS. China’s dismal reports lately have certainly thrown a wrench into a significant part of the global economy, affecting both the most populous country in the world and the countries dependent on China for financial investments and its formerly huge purchasing power. If you’re trading emerging markets and exotic currency pairs you may want to step aside for the moment to see how things develop towards the end of the year and if plans are put into place to ameliorate the problem.

Likewise, oil trading may be something to focus on if you’re a news trader, as prices remain at remarkable lows and the formerly powerful oil producers are suffering from both political unrest (and sanctions) and overproduction of oil elsewhere. That being said, there may be some great oil trading opportunities ahead for those who know how to read between the headlines and to stay focused and patient as things develop.

If you’re staying on the sidelines these days there’s nothing to be afraid of – trading opportunities will be coming along, especially as the holiday numbers and end of year reports begin to unroll. Now’s the time to brush up on your strategies, practice new ones so that you can keep your Forex trading psychologyand most importantly, review your emotions in check during these hectic times. This time investment now will likely pay off financially later.