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DailyForex App Adds Push Notifications for Price Alerts

The Company’s Android and iOS Apps Keep Traders Updated Around the Clock

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.Nov. 15, 2016PRLog — DailyForex, a company that provides currency traders with updates and analysis about the currency markets, has announced today the update of its Android and iOS DailyForex mobile application to include instant push notifications that will alert traders every time certain price triggers are hit.

DailyForex’s new alerts service sends immediate, easy-to-follow push notifications to all users when significant price events happen to the major currency pairs. The company’s trading team discovered that most typical, generic offerings are mainly indicator or news-based, and therefore they tend to simply generate noise rather than provide a real value to Forex traders. To solve this problem, the company’s talented technical team worked diligently with its daily traders to create a notification system that would be based upon real-time market triggers.

“Traders tend to find better success when they focus on the price and not lagging indicators,” said Adam Lemon, chief analyst at DailyForex. “I know that these notifications will help thousands of users, and I hope we can expand this feature soon to make it even more useful.”

The result was a push notification system based solely upon significant, relative price events which have been used for centuries as basic building blocks by professional traders to good effect. Each push notification has a direct headline that tells traders of the market action, which opens into a more detailed message explaining the significance of the price event.

About DailyForex

DailyForex was established out of a strong need for a Forex website that provides all the information necessary to become a successful Forex trader. DailyForex.com provides in-depth reviews of Forex brokers, signal providers, online and offline Forex courses, as well as Forex products. Our goal is to provide both new and experienced Forex traders with a set of clear and easy-to-use tools that will enable them to make educated decisions when choosing any type of Forex-related service.


Daily Forex Introduces an Updated Android Application

DailyForex App V 3.0

Currency trading is no longer something done at the bank. The advance of modern technology has made it possible (and profitable) to trade from your desktop, from the web, and even from mobile devices. But with these opportunities comes the need to stay on top of the markets, even when you’re away from your desk. The DailyForex Android app has been helping traders do just that.

The DailyForex Android app was originally launched in February 2012, and has served thousands of articles to tens of thousands of traders around the world. In a new version released last week, the app received a makeover worth noting. The app now has a new look and feel and it provides more features than ever before. In addition to offering daily news reports, , articles and technical and fundamental analysis, the app now provides premium content such as Forex Signals, Forex forecasts and additional analyses from our editors for traders who want to take a closer look at the markets. In addition, the app now offers push messages that can be easily configured and monitored by the user, so that there’s no delay from the time of publication to the time that the trader can get the market update or analysis.

DailyForex App Screenshots

The DailyForex team is comprised of professional traders based around the world who publish articles during most trading sessions and on Sundays. In addition to providing analysis, our team has built a comprehensive educational center comprised of articles and images whose express goal is to empower traders worldwide to build their own profitable trading strategies. Many of these articles are available in the DailyForex Android app and are a great reference for traders who are looking to brush up on basic, intermediate or advanced strategies while they have a few spare minutes.

The DailyForex Android app is currently available in both English and Arabic.

Stay Small and Manage Leverage: Wisdom from 50PipsFX

50Pipsfx is actually a human who goes by the name 50Pips in order to remain anonymous and let people focus on the message and not on the person. He’s been following the markets since he was in his early teens and fills his day with trading and mentoring.

Most people think you’re a phantom trader because they don’t know much about you. I can’t place your accent. Where are you from?

I traveled around the world a lot from an early age so despite the fact that English is my mother tongue, it’s a mixture of all sorts of different pronunciations. My roots are in Europe but I really consider myself a citizen of the world. I primarily operate out of Europe as I find that this is the most ‘Forex-friendly’ time-zone which offers me to comfortably follow both EU and US markets.

How did you get interested in trading Forex?

I started following the market when I was a teen. It started with an interest in stocks, value investing and the Buffett-School approach. From there it evolved into an interest in the business of Global Marco Hedge Funds and then more exclusively to Forex. Naturally I am still very interested in the global picture and in markets in general but in terms of trading, I feel that the available leverage/margin conditions and the liquidity in Forex offer the best opportunities for what I do.

There are many investors who are moving over to Forex trading these days. What do you think about that?

People are attracted to Forex for several reasons. First of all, the media makes Forex trading seem very easy. People think they can trade whenever they want, that the markets are always there for them and they can make money whenever they please. This just isn’t the case. Like anything else in life, being profitable in currency trading does not happen overnight. You need experience, patience and a certain amount of knowledge to get ahead. People who rush head first into Forex are bound to lose their money.

Would you send a 14 year boy who has just started learning self-defense into the ring with a professional Judo master? Would a doctor fresh out of medical school agree to lead an emergency surgery? In the same vein, a novice trader should not consider jumping into the markets without some experience under his belt.

Trading is a job just like any other job. If you want to get ahead in any profession, you need to learn as much as you can and start at the bottom, moving up slowly until you have accumulated enough experience to start profiting. You have to do the homework and put in the time. There is no way around that. The problem is that, sadly, a majority of industry movers, brokers and social media, etc. seem to promote the dream that Forex is the best thing in the world for making money, that’s it’s easy and that it’s quick. Naturally, this is very misleading and people need to understand the motives behind these business models… and let’s just say that they rarely have the customer’s best interests at heart. Sad but true.

There are no free lunches. You have to do it properly and have realistic expectations. Trade slow and steady, stay small, don’t use leverage – it will get you in trouble, it kills.

Tell me about your blog and how you got started in mentoring.

I started the blog (http://50pipsfx.com/) shortly after I landed on Twitter as a way to try and pay it forwards and help newer traders out. I just saw a lot of misleading things out there and wanted to try and provide some unbiased free information and a more responsible view on trading and what were realistic expectations. More and more people started reading the blog and it just caught on. There is no advertising on the blog and no promotions. It is totally independent and everyone can take from it whatever they need.

In today’s climate, if traders can make even just 1% a month on an account, that’s 12% a year and that is great. The banks are offering 0 percent. People go into trading thinking they will make 40-100% right off the bat and that they can be successful by placing trades from anywhere they happen to be, even as they relax on the cool sandy beach. This is simply not true, at least not consistently over time. The natural response is ‘I can’t make a living off of even a 20% yearly return on my account. ‘ But then, the problem is not your returns. Be realistic; the problem is being under-capitalized for what you are trying to do. Again, people need to put themselves in a condition to succeed and understand the business, the profession. It’s amazing how naive even the most educated person can be when it comes to trading and making money. Context is key and people often forget this.

In terms of the mentoring, I really enjoy working with students as it keeps me sharp and unbiased. I feel an enormous responsibility towards my students and this gives me additional drive to keep on evolving and fine-tuning my understanding of trading and the markets in general. I don’t like to talk much about what I offer. My philosophy is that people who are interested in what I do, will make the effort to read the blog. My door is always open for serious people, even if I do not actively promote or advertise it. Furthermore, my main activity is my trading so time is a limited resource in 50′s world.

What tips do you offer new traders?

In order to succeed in Forex, or in anything, you must be realistic. You have to put in the hard work and be patient. Most people fail at trading because they don’t put themselves in a position to succeed.

There is no right or wrong way to trade. Make sure you understand the basics and then find out what works for you. Don’t be in a hurry. If you are wired to trade, this is a great profession. If you are not, then there are a lot of other things to do in life. But remember that’s it’s a marathon, not a sprint. The markets aren’t going anywhere, take your time and do things right. Remember that if you are thinking about the longer term, winning the wrong way is still wrong. This is not a game. Be solid. Be professional. Be realistic with your expectations.

Thank you for your time.

DailyForex Launches New Mobile Forex App

The DailyFForex News and analysisorex team is excited about the launch of the new Daily Forex mobile application. The previous application, which went live back in March 2012, has been very useful, and the new mobile app is designed to be more efficient and to fix some of the bugs that were present in the original app. The new app offers everything the old one did as well as some new features.

The revised application continues to present financial news reports and has options for viewing both fundamental and technical analysis. There is a large selection of informational articles geared to both beginner and advanced traders. For those who have trouble reading the small print, clicking on an image inside an article will open the commentary in full screen.

Forex News and Analysis Android App - version 1.03

Forex News and Analysis Android App – version 1.03

Access to several other pages on the site is quick and responsive and free alerts from successful traders are only a click away. The mobile application can be customized according to a trader’s needs so he or she can receive market updates and news as frequently as desired. All in all, the new DailyForex app is functional and simple to use. It is still free of charge and is easily downloaded from the DailyForex website or from the Google Marketplace.

Download this mobile Forex app now for free!


FX Academy Changes the Way Traders Learn to Trade Forex

The Forex market enjoys $5.3 trillion turnover daily – don’t you want to be a part of it?

FX Academy Logo (JPG File) gray background-CroppedThe DailyForex.com team is both excited and proud to announce the launch of our latest venture, FX Academy, a Forex education training portal built by traders for traders. With the FX Academy, we’ve combined our knowledge of the industry and high level technological capabilities with lessons created by our respected and world-renowned traders, to provide the only free, interactive, individualized training for Forex traders of all experience levels with a wide range of educational materials and realistic learning simulations based on actual market conditions. The FX Academy was designed with care to ensure that traders at all levels will have the tools they need to develop into expert traders. Among the lessons included are focuses on core issues such as understanding macro market forces and the basics of technical analysis to trading psychology to more complex FX trading concepts and strategies. The FX Academy also provides a solid grounding in the understanding of risk management and the responsible use of leverage. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the Academy, however, is the fact that it is not aligned with any specific brokerage, which means that students can learn in a pressure-free environment for as long as they need to feel entirely comfortable.

Changing the Way People Learn About Forex

The recent BIS Triennial Central Bank Survey reported that the retail FX trading sector now accounts for an estimated share of at least $186 billion per day. This alone shows the global interest in Forex trading, and confirmed the need to bring affordable, quality education to the masses.

Explaining the initiative, Adam Lemon, Senior FX Academy Instructor said: “There is significant interest among investors in diversifying their portfolios and an attractive alternative is to venture in to the Forex trading market. But where does an investor develop the requisite Forex knowledge and skills to partake in this lucrative market?”

Our aim for the FX Academy is to change the Forex trading landscape towards a safer and higher return market opportunity for traders of all experience levels. By sharing our knowledge, insight and expertise of the global Forex markets we not only make learning Forex trading more accessible, we facilitate a faster, more secure and lower risk entrance into the exciting retail FX trading and investment arena.”

A critical element that sets FX Academy apart from other Forex education systems is the Trading Simulator section that allows traders to apply techniques that they’ve learned to real market conditions, and to practice their strategies without risking any real money. Moreover, FX Academy provides an entirely personalized approach to learning such that traders and potential traders can watch the videos and take the quizzes at their convenience, without being locked into classes at specific times. Nevertheless, the courses are of the highest educational level, so that traders won’t feel that their personalized course of study is compromising on quality in any way. Traders can mark lessons as done, take notes on lessons they aren’t sure about (or are specifically interested in) and keep track of their progress. Each lesson includes a video, a written text to explain the concept, and a quiz which can help traders decide if they’ve mastered the subject completely. Recommended reading lists are provided for traders who wish to delve more deeply into any given subject.

The FX Academy can support traders with varied expertise levels who wish to enhance their skills and to learn the optimal methods to maximise their revenues from this environment.

To register for the FX Academy for free, click here now.